square or round rail?

what type of rail is better for grinding square or round? what diameter/width?

are you on a uni, bike, rollerblades, snowboard, skateboard, skis? I would think unicycle, so: square and the width of your pedal.

square would be easiest but i learnt on a round one with a diameter of about 4 or 5 inches

I vote round.

round ones are easier for me because you can angle yourselves.

but wouldnt you be more steady on a square rail. on a round rail it would be eisier to slide off right?

Square rail if you are going to be grinding on your crank. But round if you want to grind on your pedal.

why is that??

I guess you could use just pedal on a square rail but like Mornish said you can angle yourself more with a round rail.

so im gonna make a flat rail (no incline). how big should i have the round steel rail?

make a round one.

They feel way better for pedal grinds, which you shoudl be doing anyway./

what size? what is better small or big rail?

I vote medium. like 2"

This should have been a poll, I’m voting round, they rock the boat.

Square is much easier when you’re first learning, at the very least.