**Spy photos of what unicycles do when no one is looking**


Hahha, that is pretty funny.

mmm, hotness, I especially like the one on the left, so manly and raw. So does that count as level 11?

Yeah, so “manly” and “raw” it broke! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I see what it’s been doing lately, I’m not surprised, it looks rough

is there any audio?

Ewww two torkers together, isn’t that only legal in a couple of states?

in 9 months will there be a 12" torker?

Nah the one has plastic pedals so you’re riding fairly safe with them.

Maybe Arkansas and Mississippi.

Haha thats funny. Sorry guys I have no joke to go along with my comment, just funny! HA

This thread brings up a good point… some sailors refer to their ships as “she”, while some guys refer to their trucks as “he”… the picture shows the unicycles infront of a unisex restroom, which could be appropriate, but I’m not quite convinced… if unis can have sex, there’s a possibility that the unis could be separate genders…

…so how does one determine the gender of a unicycle? Do the boys’ pedals have pins? Do the girls’ tires have grooves (as opposed to the “block” pattern of, say, the Luna trials tire)? This could lead to transgendered unis, but the question remains… any suggestions?

Nice one!

If my old trainer would be male… sigh this picture would be kind of… gay :frowning:

And i shot it myself!
Edit: And the arms out is just for posing, or doing the classical airplane! :wink:

those unicycles are pretty sneaky

Would that be considered a jump mount? :smiley: