Springvacation on Hawaii

Hi guys!
I plan to go to Hawaii for one week in spring next year. Best time would be in May, I guess.
As I want to ride my uni there, of course and it is always more fun to be not alone I’m searching for some travel companions.
There is nothing planned so far. But I imagine to do some sightseeing and downhill/trials on the uni and going to the beach (maybe some surfing) and just having lots of fun together. :wink:

So if you want to join me just tell me what time would work best for you and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I have ridden on Oahu and Maui. There is a guy who sometimes pops up on these forums, who was my guide in Oahu and actually came over to ride with me in Maui in 2006. Great trails on both islands. Critter!

Here are a couple of threads i started when i went to O’ahu and did 3 muni trails during my week there. Both threads have links to my videos that i made (not very good quality), and the second thread has a link to the picture album.

Definitely get in touch with Critter if you’re on O’ahu. When i was there in 2009, he said he didn’t know of any other muni riders on the island. Really nice guy, too.

What time in May are you going? I might try to squeeze in a trip if it fits my schedule.


Thanks you two!

I’m not sure when exactly I’m pretty flexible on that point and first wanted to know if there’s somebody who would like to join me. :wink: