Spring video

After a bad knee inury i rode and filmed a lot;)Also I landed a few new tricks :roll_eyes:
So here is the video I made out of clips of the last weeks:)
Hope you enjoy it;)

Very nice video!

Really great improvement.

Your awesome at flatland, but why do you do every flat combo starting with a mount?

Awesome video.

thanks :slight_smile:
It’s easier for me…but at the moment i pactise all flat tricks normal and not as a mount.With the rolling wrap the problem is that i learned it with wrong crank in front :smiley: i cant hop with left crank in front. i have to practise it :smiley:

How do you gain control after each rollingwrap. I have a tough time with that.

If I want to do a double or triple rolling wrap I do it slower than normal so that I have more time to control the uni :wink:


Soph! That was wicked.

Loved the rolling 3spin down the curb.


ich hätt ma wieder lust in köln zu fahren, sag bescheid wenn du mal an nem samstag lust und zeit hast

hey nice you are really good now

the flips and grinds were nice and the 360 down the curb too.
this was one of my favourite songs^^

That was awesome. Way to ride better than most of the men on the forums… That should help inspire of few more ladies.

really nice video.
you learn fast

hey Sophia great vid :wink:

Mighty fine riding!!! Love that high hop up the pallets… also like the Chili Peppers music.
Your good!

good vid i wish my sis could this :roll_eyes:

Nice vid and easy trixs!Mach weiter so!!!

Wow, you are so awesome! I can’t do any of that stuff lol. :o