spring turtle

yeah that was sweet turtle! we must go riding street together, well, maybe at elsbet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hell yeah 180 backslide. You are a badman!

That was sick man, one of the best Muni videos I’ve ever seen. You’ve clearly got skills, but you captured it beautifully too. Great Street too. As a Street rider, I always thought my sell by date would be 30 years old, you’re riding as hard as some of these teenagers, you’re an inspiration. Good on ya!


LOVED IT!! rarely do you see so much speed on technical trails.

It’d be cool to see you roll hop more of the large rocks and logs along the trail (2:14 & 2:57). Also hop on a rock or stump then hop down the trail skipping part of the zig zag, like at 2:26, 2:38, 2;51, and 3:03

Edit: haven’t you and your friends attempted that drop (or very similar ones) in several of your previous vids? If memory serves none of you ever landed it, but it looked like you always got the closest. Have any of you ever landed it?

Nice riding man! Always enjoy your videos!

yes, this drop is in an other vid: “failed muni drops!” but this drop i tried only once, also none of my friends ever tried… :wink:

I don’t blame 'em!

Excellent video.
Great riding, filming, editing and toy fornication.

The drop I’m thinking of w/ multiple ridders attempting it, must be a different one then, but still…


I have never ever ever ever ever enjoyed a Muni video. I think I’m in love with this video. I need a 26er!

+1 that was my favorite. I liked the fast paced muni besides the street also.

That muni drop was sick ! And the ending was erm delightful :smiley:

Dang turtle,
Muni’s always looked stupid to me but that was excellent. It sucks that I can’t buy a 26er.