spring turtle

my newest vid with some street on the 26"er (not as big and as fast as my hero cedric, but i’m not 20 anymore, those were my first tries on the 26") and some nice uni (3 hours of filming today, except of one clip), enjoy:


My favourite video in a very long time and for sure one of my all time favourites now :astonished:

Very nice :slight_smile:
That drop at the start of the muni section was mad!
The ending made me literally lol. Prepare for the “family forum” police…


That’s great, fantastic sense of speed in the MUni segment!

Great vid :)! 26" street is getting more popular, a friend of mine ordered a 26" kh aswell for street :D!

really cool turtle, I really enjoyed

I like this video, filming and editing was really nice.

Most of the muni parts look fast and watching doesn’t get boring :wink:

Sweet vid man. Really diggin seeing more 26 riding. Really liked the street stuff and the muni was really fun. Sick drop at the start of the muni, wish you had landed it.
Keep it up.

geils video!!!

Respect! I liked that 180 into fakie grind and the muni was super fast!

really nice. Street section was cool. That muni drop was epic! and i like the speed of your muni.

Wow, that was incredible! I’m really looking forward to Elsbet. Very well done. I’m more interested in the muni than in the street but you did very well in the skate park as well.

turtle that was badass! i loved it!

finally the big wheels are getting some recognition. keep it up man

I love this video so much!! Everything was sooo epicly awesome, especially the big stair sets, flips and muni drop!:smiley:

Cool video. I always was a big Beastie Boys fan.

Good to see some street skills on the big wheel too! :smiley:

Mighty, mighty good turtle…
Like the ride through the leaves for some reason.
Terrific skills you have…on the uni and with the camera.

Awsome video! Really cool, loved the faced pace muni and that insane drop! Street stuff was also real nice, loved the jump of the stairset and the crankflip over the stairs.

where!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SEAT!!! I need that white handle???

thanks for all these good comments! i’m glad you guys like this vid!

@phil: the seat is custom: UDC cf base, custom leather cover, foam from the kh street and the white handle i got from here:

Simply AMAZING !!! Nice one Turtle. Loved the 26" street, really good to see. The MUni was fast paced, and the riding was excellent !! Really enjoyed that. :smiley: