Spring Trials

Hey guys!

This is my new video. I know I’m not fifth flipping or anything extreme like that, but I would still really appreciate some constructive criticism.:o

These are things I learned this Spring, but it was filmed this summer.

This is also my first video with my new Nimbus X Street.

Here you go…

What??? Youtube removed half of the last clip and the credits!!!

Okay, here is the new, non-messed up version.


nice man i like it

this is almost as good


Nice vid. I liked all the different spots and your riding as well but try to reduce the amount of prehops (I know that’s not that easy, because I have the same “problem” :wink: )

I find the easiest way to reduce hops is by repeating the same line over and over again until I get the least amount of hops possible.

Thanks! That’s one of my goals, but I’m finding it really difficult:o. I fall a lot more when I do no prehops.

Nice work! keep it going :wink:

Keep it up. One way to reduce the number of prehops is to keep moving on your trials line so you can use your momentum to help you keep balance. That might not make sense, but just try jumping up a flight of steps with no prehops and you’ll see what I mean.

Another thing would be to probably stick to seat in for a while longer. You’re doing a lot of seat in front but you’re not tucking to take advantage of that fact. You could get the same height from seat in. Otherwise really good riding. Reducing pre-hops takes a lot of work. I still have that problem if you look at some of my videos haha.

Thanks for all the good advice guys!:smiley: I’m going out right now to practice reducing prehops!

don’t forget to have fun! haha

dude this counts as spam.Put it in your own video thread if you want people to see it.Good video but should get out of the habit of using 2 hands

I’m not sure he knows how to make his own thread yet.

SirSkillz how can you do trials/street thingys when those beautiful mountains in the background beg for Muni.:slight_smile:

First of all, I don’t have a MUni (:(), and those mountains are extremely harsh terrain. Also, there are very few trails up there, and they have cliffs all along the edges.

I really want to do some Muni though…

But I’m planning on taking my 20" up one of the tamer trails in a few days!:smiley:

Nice, can’t give ya much tips cause your doing everything right :smiley: Practice practice and you’ll have those fifth flips in no time :wink: