Spring Trials 2010

First Video of 2010 Riders: Josh Kobylski & Christian Smith Editing: Josh Kobylski

nice riding guys! :slight_smile: loved the gapping line on those cool looking stones

riding was cool… the music was kinda odd for the video if you ask me
good vid tho

yeah the music was bad…

Music seemed fine to me. Not my preference, but not bad. Good riding.

nice one! Music seemed ok to me

Thanks for the comments…The music isn’t what i usually use but I figured i would try it.

nice vid. i wish i had a trials course in my backyard.
where in socal are you? im from thousand oaks.

You guys are pretty good. I liked the suspense in the intro when Christian almost impaled himself.

My guess is Temecula :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea we live in Temecula…All the ride was done here.