Spring Muni 2017 (drone video)

Hi there,

i got myself two new toys: a mad4one 4.0 muni (actually only the frame and wheel set) and a DJI Mavic pro, and i enjoy both of them very very much!

I’m really looking forward to make so great muni videos.

This is my first real try, i took a day off yesterday i hope you like it (big screen is much better).

the second part of the vid are some older clips from this spring.


Amazing video! I can’t wait to watch it on a bigger screen. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome video! Riding under the waterfall looked fun!

Now that is an awesome video. I am off to the ecrin National Park in the French alps this summer for a month hoping to be doing some of that. Thanks really inspirational. Stewart

Amazing landscape! Some scary bits on your route: when you are riding along the edge of a huge sheer drop :astonished:

Thanks for sharing, fantastic video :smiley: