Spring is here in Santa Cruz

What a gorgeous day. Spring has really sprung here in California. We celebrated with a group offroad Coker ride. The 20 mile loop is called ‘Rob’s Ride’ in honor of Rob Bowman who discovered/created it. Today we had 7 on Coker for the full ride, plus one on Mountain Bike. After the 1000’ climb (mostly paved, but some fireroad), Beau took over the mountain bike and did all the muddy dirt downhill sections on it. He loved it as it was his first mountain bike ride ever! And Daniel loved riding a Coker - for the first time ever, through the muddy and rocky trails of Wilder Ranch. At one point we met some mountain bikers coming the other way and they said that whatever we do, we shouldn’t go “that way” as it’s way too muddy. So on we went, splashing and sliding and occasionally wiping out. Scot was in the back, constantly warning us: “Hey it’s too muddy, maybe we should go back!” Laughing and sliding we went on and on.

The ride ends with about 7 miles of mostly flat cruising along the coast. Today there were so many other people out enjoying the perfect weather - it was challenging and fun dodging them. We finished off with a ride out to the end of the Santa Cruz pier dodging a million cars, then a HUGE lunch at the brewery. Beau laughed out loud when a guy said, “Hey you have half as many wheels, does that mean you have half as many testicles too?” Then again, we had a fantastic comment too: “Are all you guys on Hunters?” (since 6 out of 8 Cokers were Hunter36s).

Maybe I forget sometimes why I live in an expensive and crowded area, but I remembered why today.

Here are some photos.

And here is a topo map of the ride.


PS Thanks Daniel for snapping some nice pictures!

We had an unseasonably warm day in Minnesota as well. I was able to do a couple of miles with my seven year old down by the Mississippi river.

Spring has sprung here too. Great photos and what a great ride you and your group had. Logan and I got out our our Cokers today as well, first day this year in shorts, yippee. It was big day for Logan, he scored the winning goal in the morning hockey game, then tele’d for two hours at Highlands, and then went on the coker ride with me. We sure are enjoying the longer days.

It was awesome today here in MN! 61 degrees… outside wearing short sleeves, yeah (a unicyclist.com T-shirt :)). Then again, I started looking at the yard and all the things I need to fix (the fence to the backyard is rotten, the front door needs to be replaced… ah, the joys of home ownership).

And that, Gilby, is exactly why you need to get married–so your wife can do those things while you go play with the kids. :smiley:

Is that how that works? Might help if I had a girlfriend first. Not like I actually did any work today though, I just played around with my nephew today and went to a school carnival with him.

About the fence, my roomate said that her dad would replace it as soon as the ground thaws out. :slight_smile:

That was a great ride. Many thanks to Beau for babysitting the bike so I could ride a Coker. It may have been too muddy for bikers but it was great for one wheelers. :smiley: I’m going to have to get me one of those someday.

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Cool Coker ride. I need to do a big Coker ride with a mix of road and dirt. Something a little more challenging than the Snoqualmie Valley Trail/Iron Horse Trail.

We had a great weekend in Seattle too.

A bit of muni on Saturday exploring a new riding area. No mud on the trail! We’ve had very little rain and the trails are in good condition now. But we’re probably going to be paying for this unseasonably dry Winter when there are water shortages over the Summer and possibly trail closures if things dry out too much.

Then six of us did a lazy 15 mile Coker ride around Seattle and we managed to explore a neighborhood that we hadn’t ridden before. A nice fun weekend of unicycling.

What a beautiful place to ride! And a great group. I would have loved that. I have recently started riding a Coker a little, and have been doing some fun offroad stuff on it. I managed to get in about 7 miles of Coker muni Saturday morning before the rain started here. I am surprised how much terrain the big wheel can handle, and at a great pace.

Thanks for the pictures Nathan. (some of them aren’t displaying for me, and the last one says Rob where it should say Scot)


It was nice while it lasted. 24 degrees today (that is -4 or so for you Celcius types)–back to riding in the gym or the church sanctuary for another month or so.

I am bummed I had to miss it! I was all packed and ready to ride with you guys, but I only got as far as Fremont (to watch my nephew Cameron play basketball). The plan was to ride with you the next day, but my back was all screwed up. It was hard enough doing nothing besides drive home yesterday. I was looking forward to my first large group Coker ride!

I want to get some “real” riding in each weekend between now and Moab. Anyone for some uphill ridin in Auburn this weekend? Downhill will be included at no extra charge.