Spring is coming!

Here’s a new video I made, it’s some 24" Street/Trials around my house. The riding is not crazy, but it’s was a fun ride :slight_smile:


Cooool video!! I never have seen that high jump on 24". What was the height?:slight_smile:

very nice high jump with 24"!!!

Good video! It looks like you can find something fun to do in any setting, which I guess is what street is all about. I liked the ride down the stairs and then over the parking barrier things. Very smooth. It’s urban muni.

Makes me want to practice. I gotta work on my rolling hops…

Nice 24" riding! I liked the rolling hop over the big puddle.

Thanks alot guys, I really like riding my 24", because I can explore a little bit more than on my trials uni and I love urban Muni :slight_smile:

The first hop in the video was 68cm, the highest I mesured on my 24" was 75cm I think.

Thanks again:)

That was wicked cool, thumbs up for 24 street!!

24" FTW :sunglasses: Thanks alot:) 24" street is really really cool!

yeah, I love these rollin’ hops
and great filming by Tripod… one of my favourite camera operators :slight_smile:

you should ride more 24" may be 26" - amazing to see

Thanks:) I always wanted to try a 26" for Muni and maybe some street, but I dont have the money for it :frowning: And I was to get a Triton frame for my 24" too :stuck_out_tongue: I’m defenitly going to ride my 24" more often in the summer!

Bon spectacle!

24inch = win