Spring Daze, A Unicycling Adventure

Well today was a local festival, Spring Daze. So I decided to head out on unicycle and just ride around. It was pretty fun weaving through the people, and since the sign didn’t say anything about no unicycling no event officials could do anything, it didn’t seem like they would, they just smiled and watched me ride by.

But the main highlight of my trip was meeting the Spin Man. He takes spinning basketballs to the next level. So anyways he had this hat with a point on the top. So he asked me to wear it while riding. So I put it on and he gets the ball spinning and puts it on the top. I ride in a small oval and then the ball falls off, but the crowd still claps.

As he continued his show I started talking to his wife and she says I should start doing shows for money, and she tells me of this busking license thing to busk at a local mall. So now I’m just trying to sort everything out, and then maybe I’ll get to unicycle as a job.


me with spin man in background.

coming back for a high five.

Where’s the cone?

Sounds like a wicked idea, though you need a way to get the audience to come and get them interested. A pair of magician and unicyclist would be my kind of thing.

oh, that was from my old avatar, i need to change it.