Spring Day

Hello everybody! Here is my new video, I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy and give your comment please :slight_smile:

Cool video, looks like you’re doing good! My favorite clip was the line starting at 0:50. You’re pretty good at wheelwalking too! Can you go back into riding from it?

Nice vid, you’re way better at wheel walking than me. Your trials starts getting a little long so try to use the least hops possible.

Thank you for nice comments. Julia B, No, I can’t do wheel walking backward, but I hope that one day I could! :slight_smile:

MatthPeder, I try to remember this and gain better balance :slight_smile:

Sir Antelli very nice video! i enjoyed the line across the big tubes especially :smiley:

What Julia B meant was, can you go from riding forwards then start wheel walking then riding forwards again without touching the floor

Haha thanks :smiley: Ohh… sorry, I understood wrong :frowning: Yes I can do it ! In those three clips where is wheel walking I failed it, but I really can do it. What a pity that I forgot to put it to this video.


I see that some heaps of snow still keep in Finland.
Nice riding really.
But in a line around 0:37 the camera could be a bit lower. It would be nice to see whole wheel.

Terve :smiley:

Yes, here is still little bit snow althought here have been last 5 days +20C to +30C. The climate is wonderful.
I’m sorry for 0:37. I was riding alone, so I had to film and act by my self. And it wasn’t so easy like you can see.

Great job. Really nice trials lines. My favorite line was when you turned the pallets upside down and hopped on the slats. Nice wheel walking!