Spring Cleaning!

Since I’m home on spring break I figured it would be a great time to really clean my 36er. I’ve commuted over 100 miles in the salt/grit covered roads so far and I try to clean it once a week but It was in great need of a real cleaning.

I took it all apart and gave it a good bath then I waxed the frame and the rim. I adjusted my brakes. There was also a high spot in the rim where it was welded together so I sanded that down. Then I trued my wheel, I had a few really loose spokes. Then I gave the bearings a good cleaning and oiled them up again. I also cleaned the handlebar wrap, which was filthy.

Its nice to have a uni feel and look brand new again!

Any one else doing some spring cleaning?

I washed my Trials uni last week :slight_smile: It was the March Break and I had nothing to do. It wasn’t too dirty or salty because I dont ride my Trials uni in the snow, I used polisher to end everything. Now it looks amazing :smiley:

I’ve put over 1,000 miles on my Coker and haven’t done squat to it. Maybe knocked the mud off the tire once in a while.

A dirty uni is a sexy uni IMO.

Oiled your bearings? Hmm?

Bearings are packed with grease and sealed. If you poured oil on the bearings, the oil won’t make it past the seal.

You just gave dirt something on which to stick… you better clean that oil off!

I cleaned my unicycles today. They weren’t very dirty as I’ve been riding indoors all winter, but I did gets lots of dust off of the bearings.

Coincidentally I was actually giving my uni a make-over today as well,putting on new bumpers, polished up the frame and cleaning the rims with some alcohol (the cleaning type). I too put a bit of lube round my bearings :astonished: So exactly what should a person oil/lube/grease and what should a person leave unlubed?

If your gentle you can pop the seal off and drop some oil/grease in there then pop the seal back on. Then wipe the outside of the bearings clean. The wheel rotates much easier now and spins for a lot longer. Unis are pretty much maintenance free but I try to keep mine clean. Its like when you have to buy a used car. You want the one that a grandpa drove and washed twice a week, not the one a 16 year old drove and never changed the oil and never washed.

I lube the brake posts and put a bit in the bearings as stated above. I also smear a tiny bit of oil in the bearing holders to cut down on corrosion. Just make sure you wipe all excess oil/grease off because dirt and dust will stick to it.

It don’t look like spring where I live. When it does, I will surely clean my uni. It has gotten some road salt on it and I’ve noticed some minor corrosion starting on the brakes and seat post clamp bolts.

Remember not to spray a jet of water at the bearings.