spring cleaning and a problem!!

I’ve been grounded for a week :angry: and had nothing to do. So i decided to take both my unicycles appart and clean and polish them, as well as tightening everything on them. Now they look awesome and almost new!:smiley:

But unfortunatly I’ve have a bit of a problem with my Koxx wheel set. The bearing can slide sideways slightly, causing my frame to jolt. I think the crank is slipping off but I’ve never undone it at all before! First I tried to hit the crank down with a hammer, and it wouldnt move at all. So i tried taking the crank off using random tools I’ve found in my shed, I found some bearing pullers or something like that and put them around my crank and started turning the bolt thing on it. that didnt work either though. So I’ve put the bolt back on the crank and tightened it up as much as possible using a 2 foot long wrench to get enough leverage, that has pulled the crank down but not enough as the frame still shakes and I think its coming loose again.
Has anyone else had the same problem?? I know livetouni has the exact same problem but his is terrible and much worse than mine, hes changing his wheel set though. And is there a way to sort it without having to buy loads of stuff because I dont have any money at the moment??

(i would post pictures but cant be bothered right now and dont know how to put the big pictures on here.)

Don’t buy koxx, Scott :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I didn’t come today … I was worried bout the weather and knew it would have ruined it for me cos I hate riding in the rain lol (plus the lack of grip on my JCs).

If you want to put bigger pictures on, upload them here, selecting the option to resize them to 15inch monitor, or the size below that.

Then when the upload is done, copy one of the links they give you into your post and the picture should appear once you save the post (if not, click the insert image icon and copy the link there).

thanks james for your opinion lol, I’ll remember that one day

cool thanks for that, my pictures arent really clear and you cant see the gap between the spacer and the crank. I’ll try and get a picture of livetounis cranks.

Make sure you’re outside, or in the lightest place you can find, and see if your camera has a close-up setting… then try again :wink: If it wont focus when you’re really close to it then just move back a bit, making sure you don’t block out any light.

i know how to take pictures james!!! but my cameras are rubbish lol. ANd your not exactly helping james lol:p