Spring Challenge at Idyllwild!

What a fantastic race! I was there a day early hoping to get in a pre-ride, not being familiar with this trail at all. But with a bog day of bike races Saturday I couldn’t get a shuttle. Today we had eight unicyclists, compared to just three last year. The only real inconvenience was having to wait nearly three hours-once everyone, including more than 110 mtbers-arrived at the starting point.

The bike race started but since it was a timed race, each went in 1 minute intervals, and the bikes went before us. Finally, after waiting nearly 3 hours, we started our race. This course, known as the “Super D” is a 5.5 mile DH trail that throws a bit of everything at you, from smooth single track, to rutted, tire-catching tech sections, to extremely tight u-turn switchbacks, to rocky outcroppings. There were several flags that said “DANGER” in bold letters…for good reason.

I had never ridden this course so I had no clue as to what was coming up, and at any moment you would hit a sudden steep, gravely section that would quickly get you back pressuring with all your might to stay in control! This was especially scary since I chose to ride my 36er!

Let me just say that this course was tailor-made for a kh 29er with a magura; and Ian and Tony, the two guys who helped organize this ride, and have ridden this trail many times, had exactly that setup. The 29er is lighter than my 24 Muni, nimble and fast and extremely maneuverable. My 36er feels like a friggen tank compared to it.

At the last moment I found out that an past riding buddy from San Diego, Eric, aka, Mango, was going to be rounding out our group of eight. Knowing his amazing riding skills, I knew he would likely be the winner. He is one of the best I’ve seen at MUni and trials and 36er. Oh, and Eric also rode his 36er…with 125mm cranks compared to mine with 150’s, which I felt would be better for me and give more control. My only other choice was my 24 Muni, and I knew I wouldn’t have stood a chance against the bigger wheels.

Long story shorter, Eric had the fastest time and came in first. I came in second with Eric ahead of me by 80 seconds. Not bad considering he also is 29 years my junior! Ian placed third. Everyone did a great job and we all had a blast. :):smiley:

(24 not used in race, lol)

What a great race!! Let’s get a bigger group next year. Major props to my buddy Dave who just started to ride and came out for this with a respectable 60 minutes.

Extra style points to Eric who passed me three times, because he had to go back and repeat some sections he didn’t clean!! And he still turned in the fastest time.

Any photos you guys have would be appreciated to help remember this great day.

Yeah Eric kicked butt. While I didn’t go back and re-ride any sections, I did dismount on many occasions to walk over/around stuff that was too steep, loose or technical on my 36er. I lost a lot of time doing that, but at least I didn’t have any bad falls, which I otherwise might have had! :o

Ian asked me to hop off the big log so he could get a pic. I rode my 36er in the race though, lol.

It sounds like fun was had by all. :slight_smile:

Since I have never ridden in a bike or unicycle race, what does “clean” mean in this context? It sounds like you can get off and walk parts that are too steep.


The term “clean” in Mtb/MUni vernacular, simply refers to successfully completing a section(s), aka, “line(s)”, whithout upd or dismount, in an authoritative manner. It can also refer to the entire length of a given trail, i.e., “he cleaned the whole thing, from top to bottom!”

Awesome stuff Terry. Well done to everyone who took part in the race !!! :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome guys…wish I were there…maybe next year…

I wish there were 8 medals because everyone deserved one! What a fun frickin event! As usual, it was the people (you guys) that made the event exceptional!

Man, what a killer trail! I am still smiling like a maniac!

Terry, I have crazy respect for you! I hope I can ride as hard as you 29 years from now!

Thanks again to the Conejo Crew for publicizing this one!

Here’s a cool pano shot of the start line staging area I found in a MTB forum. I see a couple single wheels.


I got the digits of one of the cute MTB girls, Brittany. She took a few pics of us at awards and also coming into the finish line. I’ll post 'em here when she emails them to me.

Next year we do different shuttle, and bring more food and water, right? :smiley: