Spring Break Video!

Awsome vid! Great riding. Good funny bits.

I really liked the shots that had two guys in it.

The text was a bit much, but overal I think it was one of your best.

nice video and happy birthday

Haha, that fas funny in so many ways…

hahahaha, The “Will It Blend?” thing was so funny!

It would be cool to see you both do a trick at the same time… side by side.
ie stair sets, grinds

Well, I am sitting in work and watching that just got me pumped and i wanna go home and practice - 100% INSPIRATION
Hope i can do half of that stuff some day soon.

nice vid guys,

i love they way kevin whips his 3’s, such steez


Very nice vid.

Loved it all.

What was the name of the song that played for most of the video?

Yeah, great vid.