Spring Break Video!


What up everyone? The Spring Break Video is finished. A gift to you on my birthday. lol. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Miss you Kevin. lol


Great vid, man. You guys are all excellent riders…really gives me initiative to go out and ride more - like right now.

Thanks :sunglasses:

congratulations! :smiley:

a good video :slight_smile:

Awesome video!

I think Kevin has the same Fluorescent pedals I do.

Great video, but what the hell’s up with all the ovaltine and protein crap? P.S. It was hillarious

great video guy, It’s incredible!!! and happy bithday!! or feliz cumpleaños (in Spanish) :wink: :wink: :wink:

awesome video, looks like you guys had a lot of fun.


Sweet vid

I liked the blunt grind and the grind down the long “two steps” rail.

Nice Video!

Happy Birthday Shaun, Nice vid, Keaton, some of those quotes will stay firmly in my mind, haha.
Made me laugh as well as admire the riding,

Great job guys,


Shaun, loved it buddy, forgot about the good times we had back in the day (like last week…). I’m all about how you restarted that song… although I’m positive you stole that idea from someone… also, if you don’t understand the “Will It Grind” portion, please search “Will It Blend” in YouTube, and enjoy hours of blending fun with Tom Dickson. Please excuse me as I watch this video again, I love it hahaha.

Kevin McMullin

never give 4 teenagers a camera… they go crazy

ps loved the intro song

That was a nice video. I especially liked the funnies.

Fantastic video. I loved it all. Cant wait to freaking come up there!

73 days.



Very nicely done guys, looks like you had fun.

Kevin- Nice shoes;) What pedals are you running?

someone always has to be negative, sorry shaun but this time its me.
I think you could do better w/ the editing, awesome riding, everything looked good, but I didn’t like the editing, too many titles.
I think thats it.

overall good video
can’t wait for the stairtrick one though.

awesome video dude, but i hate to be dumb, but wut is the name/artist of the song that plas in the first 15 seconds of the vid??

I was wondering the same thing.

Great vid.

haha I love the will it grind part. Those blending videos are so funny

fort minor, remember the name