Spring 2009 [Trials/Street]


So after not riding a whole lot in the winter and early spring, I’ve finally got back into it. There was a stretch where unicycling didn’t even interest me, but I guess with all the snow we get here in Canada it’s kind of hard to just think unicycling in the winter.

Anyways, but now that I am back into riding, I made this video. I wanted to get better street stuff, but the way Eli, Pat, Marcus, Raphael, Max (other riders my age too) are riding street these days, it puts me to shame and makes me want to ride trials more. So, I know the street isn’t special, but it’s pretty much there to fill in the video. I plan on making more short vids in the summer, and then longer ones with Jordan Barkey and Jacob Reesor.



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Nice! It’s good to know that you still unicycling:) It was short but it was good. How high was your pile of pallets at 0:26?
I hope I’ll ride with you this summer!

Thanks Jacob. The sidehop at 0:26 was only 76cm.

Yeah, it would be nice to ride this summer, maybe we can organize a small ride with some people from Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal.

Thanks for the comment,


I haven’t been waiting on the world to change. I’ve been waiting for this video. Awesome riding. Nice doubleflip. Clean trials too.

76cm stills high. I’ll talk to you later about the small ride:)
I just whatched the video again, I’m getting inspired to go ride again today:D

very nice, you have a very nice no-prehop hop.

Nice video. Obviously my favorite clip was the doubleflip :roll_eyes: Keep it up, man. :slight_smile:

really cool video. the double flip was best;)

nice video man;)

music and edit was also good :roll_eyes:

maybe a little bit too short…:o



For once. :stuck_out_tongue:

The dub wasn’t full but it looked nice, I’ll give ya that.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I would have liked to make it longer, but I plan on making some summer videos with Jordy and Jacob…

And about “You should push yourself” … well, quite frankly I find (in trials anyway) that if you push yourself, you won’t be as smooth, or as consistent in the future. I like building myself up. And I decided I think I’ll give up on street. Because it would be really hard to catch up to Eli, and Pat and all those other guys. But sometimes, I like it…

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Well, it doesn’t always have to be about catching the people who are ahead of you… Just ride for fun.

Yeah, that’s true. But, I find it frustrating to just land like treflips, outflips, etc. I think I’ll stick to trials :wink:


ha we have the same shoes:D

Haha, really? So you have Etnies Ronin?


i don´t agree with you when you say that you don´t wanna do street cause of better riders in your age, this was far more entertaining than theirs videos where you can´t see anything due to the bad filming and cut the music after 4 seconds beacause it sucks. i know that there is not many people sharing this opinion, but whatever… Superclean trials and flowy street anyway.

yeah ecxactly the same…i bought it just 2 hours ago:p

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Haha, cool. Well enjoy them, they’re really nice :slight_smile:


i hope so…i destroyed my old dvs after 3 or 4 days:D

nice double flip but i think your february video was better