Spreading the sport

Graet News. I just found out that I influenced somebody to start riding a unicycle. I had a short conversation with him a few months ago and sure enough I found out he just bought one. I hardly even knew the guy. Hopefully I will be able to spread the sport farther. How many people have you convinced to start riding???:):slight_smile:
Within 20 years unicyling will be THE sport, not that it isn’t already.

4 people

Like 10+ but the number of people who have actually stuck with it is much lower, probably around 2

My husband.

My 2 nieces, a good buddy and I dude I worked with. All but one neice are 1-2 days per week. Me 40 years and I still smile like a big kid, but I appreciate it more now than ever.:smiley:

My friends and I have influenced around 10-15 people in our community, unicycling is growing fast here. We might start a canmore unicycle club.

Unknown. Most of my influence is applied to people I may only meet once:

  • Audiences and participants in the school programs I was involved in, 1985-95
  • Regular show audiences
  • People I meet when out riding
  • Newspaper, TV and magazine appearances I've been in
Almost all of the above were presented in an open way, with the message that anyone can learn to ride one of these. I hope my actions have influenced hundreds, if not thousands of people to at least give a unicycle an open-minded try.

I’d love to get some of my friends unicycling
I’ve tried and ive taught a good few of them to ride

However I’m not sure I’d call any of them unicyclists. They learnt for the challenge, fir something to do. But not one has ( to my knowlage) kept it up

I’ll keep trying

Everyone here should take credit for my riding!

I started after watching a friend. I was intrigued, then found a cheap uni on Craig’s list and that was that. However, it is this forum that keeps me going. When I seem to be making no progress, I just get on the forum and get excited at the energy out there:D Of course, then I watch all the great skills on video and get disappointed again;) All your successes keep me at it!

One of work mates told me he kept seeing a chap on a black uni in the town I living which was a surprise and I hoped to bump into him one day. Then one day said unicyclist joined the unicycle facebook club I am an admin on and we aranged to go on a ride together.

During our first ride he revealed he started riding 3 months ago after seeing me riding on the trials when he was out walking with his family, he had always wanted to learn to ride but had no idea you could do it off road and was amazed how easy I made it look. From that moment he was set.

I now have a top new friend and riding buddy for the first time (none of my mates stuck at mountain biking so I did that on my own for the best part of 20 years) and one who I got into riding without ever talking to.

A nice little story I think* :slight_smile:

*Although he has only been riding a few month and is starting to show me up already the git :stuck_out_tongue:

I have received literally hundreds of correspondences from people over the years, who say they have been inspired to learn after watching my videos. I always answer each and every one of them, and especially love the letters from people who thought they were maybe too old to learn -many only in their 30’s and early 40’s - but after discovering my age became motivated to learn!

For me this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the sport; hearing from so many people who have taken up our awesome sport, who otherwise might have never became unicyclists. For me, it makes it all worth it. You can read a few of my favorites here.

:o You can count me as one of those chap, I never directly wrote to you but I think I have said it to you on this here forum that is was watching you that inspired me to take up MUni. Your videos and youthful enthusiasm really is an inspiration to all :slight_smile:

Thanks Feisty, that really means a lot! :slight_smile:

People I offered to teach: hundreds
People who accepted my offer: >fifty
People who borrowed a loaner: >dozen
People who learned to ride level 1: <ten
People who still ride after a year = zero

I think it strikes people as being “impossible”, but then they see you do it and it tickles their interest, then they try it and it goes back to being impossible.

When I get my welder, one of the first projects is building a uni trainer with training wheels.

I don’t think unicycling is hard, it just takes a lot more work to learn than what folks are accustomed to (biking, walking, etc…)

As long as I ride, I will continue to teach people to ride, it’s for the love of the sport :slight_smile:

UDC thank you as well as they have got a few grand out of me this year buying all these Unis, I hope you get a cut :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I sure wouldn’t mind, but just the fact that we have such a place as UDC, where they love the sport as much as we do is awesome! When I first started riding back in 12/05, my first uni was my old schwinn 24 with cottered cranks! Then I bought a Sun 28, which fell apart pretty quickly. A whole new world opened up when I discovered UDC and this forum. And yes, I too have spent much folding money on this sport, but it’s also probably the best money I’ve ever spent. :slight_smile:

You are so right on, UDC is awesome and deserve huge kudos for growing the sport. I spoke to Josh for years before finally meeting him last Spring at the Raccoon Mountain Munifest. Then I saw him again, and met Amy, at Outerbike in Moab, and their energy and enthusiasm for this sport is amazing.

I expect that all of the UDC franchises have that some approach to unicycling and life, how could you not, it is just that kind of sport :slight_smile:

Yes, lots and lots of money, but worth every penny!

I’m still new to unicycling, but just from spending time on this forum and reading more experienced rider’s stories from the “old days”, it is obvious that unicycling has really come of age, new equipment, bigger riding, all of which is certainly helping grow the sport.

My mentor, and the one I credit for Alex and I learning to ride is none other than Bondo (Scott), a member of this forum, who stoked the flame in my son and it just never stopped burning.

I’ve done a few sports, and I admit to being obsessive about the sports I do, but unicycling for me has been the sport to end all sports!

We are in the long process of relocating, so this time next year the house will go on the market and we’ll start our job search. One of my conditions for moving is good access to year round riding, second to that is access to backcountry skiing. Four years ago, unicycling was barely on the radar, telemark skiiing was number one, now unicyclng features prominently and telemarking is what I do in between rides :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also add me to your list, Mr. Unigeezer; I’ve gotten tons of inspiration and instruction from your various videos. Thank you very much, sir!

I’ve taught about 5 people to ride during last 4 years but as far as i know none of them rides anymore… But now my brothers are working really hard to learn to ride and i really hope they’ll keep riding! Also after my 100km ride in an ultrarunning event the main organizer guy emailed me and asked about unicycling and was about to buy some trainer, then another ultarunner talked with my dad (who uses uni as his main vehicle) and was very curious about it and thought of starting to ride as well for cross training :smiley:

Yikes! I have been outed. Yes, you can blame me for Nurse Ben. :wink:

Like Jon, who knows how many people who tried on my unicycle over the last 30 years stuck with it? Probably at least a couple…

Ben and son for sure, plus a young juggler I mentored from his first three-ball cascade to eventually performing with me as we passed knives on our Giraffes. Like Ben and son he also got much better at unicycling then I did.

Now if I could do that for someone who lives here, close by, and I’d have a riding partner!