Spread the game

I have an interesting idea for a game. no idea what the rules could be but basically you would find someone else that can’t ride or ride not well and teach them to do a trick or something. really i’m posting hoping someone could elaborate on this idea. hopefully this could widen the uni community :D.

Well I don’t know about rules or anything, but since I started unicycling last Christmas, I have taught: my old next door neighbor, our tenant’s son, my dad, my uncle, my cousin, and I am in the process of teaching my girlfriend to uni.

It feels good to spread this wonderful sport.

i’m past my days of trickery. this old man has to watch is bones. oh to be young again!

You could call it “Teach the Game”, and make it a contest of teaching newbies to ride. Cheaters would use people that aren’t newbies… :roll_eyes:

Thats the first thing i thought of…:(. though it would be fun if someone could figure a way to do it stoping that.