spray painting your unicycle


i have had my uni for about a year now and i am thinking about a change of colour.

does anyone know any good makes of spray that will work well on metal?

does anyone recomend any colours?

please let me know as me and many other people could use this information.


Spray paint isn’t the ideal way of doing it, but if you do then start by stripping the chrome (ideally get it sandblasted, but sanding it would probably do the job), then use several coats of undercoat, several coats of top coat (ie the colour you want) and several coats of clear laquer. You can get acrylic car spray paint fairly cheaply, that’s what I used.

I did all of that minus the chrome stripping and it worked fairly well, but it could have been better. Take your time over it, leave each coat longer than it says on the tin to dry, and when you finish it leave it for as long as possible (about a week) to harden properly. I used mine a couple of days after doing it, and I think it hardened more after that, and after it already had a few scrapes in the paint. Doh!

As for colour, that’s up to you. That’s the whole point.

As a final point, I recommend trying the search function, there have been a few threads on this before.


my frend and i just did this hears the pics



A wire brush will take that crome right off, just buy a wire brush at the hardware store and you can put it on a drill.

very handy tool



spray paint isint as bad as some of you might thing its way cheaper then sand blasting just use a grinder or wire brush like evan said. :slight_smile:

use LOTS of clear coat

Dont waste time with clear coat, use some polyprolyne spray, its really flexable and dosnt crack/chip.