spray painting a trials rim

Has anyone spray painted a trials rim while it was built up?

I am considering painting the rim to match an already spray painted trials frame. I am not going to pull apart the wheel to paint it, I don’t have the time.

I just need to know how long it might last and how badly it might chip?

I don’t care if the frame starts chipping away and the rim paint does too, it may give it character… or it may just look like…

I dont think it will really chip that much, afterall it doesnt take the abuse a frame does when it hits stuff when it falls.

Go for it, just make sure to take your time masking off the spokes and nipples and dont forget to lightly sand the rim.

i powder coated my dx32 for trials when i had it. it worked wonders. i now have an arrow racing rim, but the dx32 is still white like i made it. try it.