sprained ankle

I just sprained my ankle yesterday jumping off a 4.5 foot ledge seat out. I must of landed wrong, but either way I wont be able to unicycle for a couple weeks! Has anyone else ever sprained their ankles during drops?

i was vary close to a bad one but it only hurt for like a day

I’ve landed some drops prettybadly on my legs before. The key should be foot placement, if you put your foot to far back(IE: the tops f the balls of your fee/toes only) you can overextend your achilles tendon, or really hurt your ankle.

that’s called hyperextention. I hyperextended the ligaments in my ankle last year during rugby and I sprained my ankle last week running in a training session for rugby. It really hurts to unicycle, and I can’t play rugby for a couple of weeks, so I’ve been spending the time doing homework and fixing up my unicycle. I’ve put a new tire, tube, rim strip, and pedals on it. I’ve also treated the rust on the rim. I’d rather be unicylcing and playing rugby rather than all this work, but the uni’s lookin’ good and I have stait a’s again.

You are trying to tell something about legs/mucles to a dancer… I was just simplifying the term for anyone who doesn’t know that overstretching is called hyperextending.

Hyperextension can be a bad thing, or a thing that just happens. For example, I have naturally super-hyperextended knees, or knock knees, I have to work my *** off just to keep my legs correctly positioned.

Anyways, the best thing to do with a hyprextended ligament/muscle/tendon is to let i rest, NEVER stretch it, or you can do twice as much damage…


Re: sprained ankle

I feel really sorry for you, dude. I know how much you love unicycling, and I know how hard it has to be if you can’t. I hope you don’t have too much physical pain and you can ride again, soon.
I also hope the weather at tech will be really sucking so you don’t have the feeling that you miss something.

To show you my sympathy, I won’t ride for the weekend! (So I won’t get ahead in our little challenge).


You should put the arch of your foot on the center of the pedal, it provides a lot better support. if you stand too much on the balls of your feet, then you could easily doorhinge it (when your toe comes far too close to your shin).

I don’t think anyone has actually sprained their ankle during a drop. It’s usually what happens after you hit the ground. Remeber, now that you have sprained your ankle, watch it carefully for the rest of your life, since a sprained ankle is very easy to sprain again. I haven’t sprained my ankle doing a drop yet, since my best drop is about four inches. Recently however, I had a minor sprain after falling wrong while attempting to transition from chin on seat to seat drag. I was unicycling again in four days.

well, obviously. it’s almost impossible to sprain it in the air.

on the other hand, i hurt my foot when i badly landed some shorter drop 2-3 ft and it hurt for about 3 days. then after that i could feel it only when shooting and doing other junk. i kind of rolled it forward as i landed then stumbled forward.

Just thought I’d let you all know about my sprain. I have photos too!

thats 5 mins after i rolled it

and that is yesterday.

Oh no- and it’s only 4wks until SINZ :astonished: . Heal fast James

woah i jsut sprained my ankle it sucks so bad i hopped 4 stairs and landed on my foot wrong

Yo Ken. It’s Nick, not James. And I’m not a SINZ rider :stuck_out_tongue:
But anyways thanks.

Sorry Nick- yes that’s nasty.

But I was referring to Siaferide/James. He’s one of my SINZ riders.

Fair enough, tho his injury was in Janvier 2005, and seeing as your reply was just underneath mine it would have been wise to quote him to keep your reply in context. Cheers.
Hey, seeing as your a doctor and all… How long do you think it would be wise for me to take off unicycling before I hit up my nemisis handrail?