SPOTTED (Bay Area): Orange Hunter Coker

I’m a uni/muni enthusiast, but also mountain biking.
I was coming home from a ride today in Saratoga and saw an Orange Hunter-framed coker comming along Cox in the other direction. I yelled out “yeah coker!”, unicycle pride.
I’m wondering if that was anyone on the forums.

I’m guessing the answer might be found either here, or here.

I found this on one of the links. Is this the one you saw?

I talked to Nathan Hoover and he said it was Bronson.
It’s a sweet uni!

A closeup of Bronson’s cool adjustable cranks:

A far-up of 14 of the 15 Coker riders assembled for the Strawberry Fields Forever Century. 10 rode 100k, and 5 of us rode 25 miles:
Bronson’s on the left. He looks like he hasn’t gotten a chance to start drinking his coffee yet…