Spotted a uni in Nottingham

Riding home today on the Vespa, I saw a young chap with a 20 inch fairly basic-looking unicycle. Unable to stop in heavy traffic, I took a turn around the block and met him at a junction further up the road.

20 inch bog-standard unicycle with a steel rim, and riding from Carlton over to Sherwood - quite a ride, and, with the hills, not one I’d expect to manage without a few stops.

So, I drew his attention to, recommended this forum and tried to encourage him. He did suggest he was looking for a 26 or similar.

So, if you are that person and you want to see/try a 24, 26, 28 or Coker (or even buy a 24?) contact me at

(@ not at, but I’m trying to avoid being harvested and sold a stake in a former Nigerian prince’s private fortune.)

Mike Wilkinson