Spots in Salzburg?

I’m going to Salzburg for the day tomorrow just for some riding and checking out the city. I’m going to be arriving at the train station at and then leaving around 5. Send me an email at ntappin at gmail dot com or reply here if you have any info, or just meet me at the train station (I’m coming from Munich).



Dave Poznanter is based in Salzburg I believe. Don’t have his contact details but you could try Nathan Hoover perhaps.

Looks like the weather is pretty terrible there so I doubt I will be bringing my uni, I’m probably just going to wander around for a few hours.

Salzburg is the location of the Sound of Music film - they have a tour to take you to the places where they filmed it (if you are into that).

Six of my friends are there today I think, and may well be dressed up and singing on the tour. You have been warned!


Hahahha, I think I saw them, I saw one group of people that were dressed up in really bright colours and singing and making quite a fuss, and I saw a few people dressed up in sound of music clothes but they looked like they were working.

Thanks for the tip Sam, also I think there was something I was supposed to PM you about but I completely forgot what it was, if you remember send me a PM.