Spot the unicycle

I just had a freaky moment earlier on today.

I was driving back from a certain carpark where I had been having big fun riding my 29er round and round and up ramps and generally failing to freemount. Anyway, I was driving back and I was just kind of looking at the wheel in the back of the car infront of me and it gradually dawned on me that it was a bit apple tyre. I was so freaked out that I looked back at my own precious unicycle, just to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally put it in the wrong car or something. But no, it was still there.

The cycle infront was definately a unicycle as there wasn’t room in the back of the car for a bike that size. And I know it didn’t belong to the only other 29er owner that I know in North Wales.

So was anyone in this forum driving through Prestatyn at about 4.30pm today?

I’ve never seen a unicyle/unicyclist locally that I didn’t know before.


Why is it that you only see another unicyclist at a time when you can’t communicate with them? I’ve seen 1 or 2, but I didn’t have time to meet them.

It’s really quite baffling.

It could even be in the mind boggling questions thread!


When I was at a covered brige festival with my mom there was a performer there doing juggling,doing magic, and unicycling some but it just so happened i got dropped off there after staying the night at my friends who i uni with. So of course i has my trials and torker with me so i was unicycling by him and we were talking and so i started doing wheel walking,one footed,some standup ww, and other stuff and appearently it just blew his mind away! He started to blush some and then he left. But it was pretty cool since he was 38 and i was 14 and people were staring and taking pictures.

very true. Saw someone pushing a coker in Bristol Station during the summer. Unfortunately he he was getting onto the train just as I was getting off it, not a very good situation for a conversation…