Sport unicycling magazine

If I were to publish a quarterly magazine, covering sport unicycling around the world, with race results, trip report, reviews and some other fun stuff, would you read it?
I’ve got enough support to make this a reality if the interest is out there.
What would you like to see in print?

Your opinion counts

Cheers Dave

I would love it, even though there’s already technically a unicycling magazine called On One Wheel. But from what I’ve heard it’s been several years since the last edition’s come out, and also you have to join the USA to get it, and I’m not really into joining the USA. so I think you should do it.

doesnt this forum pretty much act the same as a mag.
and its free, available around the world very easily and instant.

cant really see the point of a mag

I started writing a reply but then realised that a magazine would have the same content as the forum, only less of it (being a magazine).

But I would buy/read a magazine like that anyway!


I think the trick to make the magazine work, is that it would have to cover items happening outside of this forum. My guess is that the bulk of the users here at North American, then European, and finally Austrilia or New Zealand… so if it could covered Asia or other areas that are not represented all the time here, that would be phenomenal.

Without that sigment covered I’d still be interested. The forum is great for individual adventures to be discussed, but it’s lacking full journalism that’s found with a more balanced approach. Full articles with full page photos go a long way to experiencing an event. I won’t be able to go to the next Unicon, so it would be great to read a full report on what happens.

You might consider a poll too, just to reaffirm its potential with the user group here.

Good Luck. One more supporter here.

Perhaps creating a unicyclist reporter databast through this forum would be beneficial…

Just think, it would be Reuters unicycle style…

Re: Sport unicycling magazine

Maybe you could throw your support to the existing “On One Wheel” and help it happen on a regular basis.

I would buy a Unicycle magazine.

I like reading on work tea break.

If it had good pictures, and interviews of good riders, or groups of riders, it would be different enough to the forum.

It would be good to see an up to date interview with pictures of what Kris Holm is doing for example.

I’m sure there are lots of really good riders that would like to be in print. It could improve their profile.


I want to see a skate/bmx style unicycling magazine, with glossy pictures of people going big. Something to put on the coffee table. A mag like this wouldn’t be profitable at first, but if the sport keeps gaining popularity, it MIGHT eventually be profitable.

I’d read it.

me too.

It would very much be an issue of cost for me I think. If it was too expensive then the fact that I can get a lot of news and reports, etc here on the forums would probably stop me from getting it. I’d really love to read a magazine like this, but would only be willing to pay so much for it. How much that is I couldn’t say yet…it really depends on the wuality of the magazine. From what I’ve heard OOW isn’t something I’d go to the effort of ordering.


Id probally read it,if it were cheap,like AC said.Im already a USA member,and i think ill not renew my sub. to it.\

If you do make a mag.,put lots of pictures and tips in it.Thats my 1 cent.

I also would subscribe to it.

You should offer to help Tad Daniels and the OOW folks. Their magazine is made on a low budget and is produced only for unicyclists, but I’m sure we’d all like to have a fancy color magazine we could show to prospective riders. It is true that a magazine could have more “in depth” reporting and broader subjects (unicycle culture, regional reports, in depth coverage of events, product buying guides, etc…) than this forum. The OOW folks already have something to work with. That would be a great place to test your ideas.

I would also subscribe to and support your mag if you started it.

yes, i would subscribe to the magazine

Re: Re: Sport unicycling magazine

That would be awesome. On One Wheel needs help, and it would be a great way for you to get a sampling of making a newsletter/magazine before being fully committed.

Also there is no unicycling organization for Canada. Maybe your publication could be the start of one.

As for the Unicycling Society of America, our newsletter content has been international for 20 years or more and we have members all over the world.

The content in On One Wheel is not the same as these forums. What you read in there was written specifically for print, to hold up over time, to be at least spell-checked, and to not be a waste of your time. In other words, everything in there is fairly relevant. If we could just get it out on a regular basis, it would be timely as well.

In 1984 a bunch of us split off from the USA to form the IUF, with a newsletter of its own. During that time we learned that there wasn’t enough volunteer energy available (and membership interest) to support two separate newsletters. Teaming up on a single one and making it better will produce a stronger result.

If you stay on your own, what was your intent as far as color vs. b&w, # of pages, and subscription price?

I’d read it/subscribe. Pictures is the most important thing, like others have said. People going big is always great to see on glossy paper.

basing it around OOW sounds good. I’ve never seen it but they would have a good source of contributors. A worldwide (english language) uni mag would be good. It could be the official mag for several national organisations, which would ensure readership, and be (an optional?) part of the membership for each.

I’ve considered starting such a magazine but the logistics would be difficult. subscription only would be best, as retail sales would be very limited to say the least, as you would just distribute through specialist retailers who don’t normally deal with magazines. Also production costs would be relatively high even if you did use the cheapest paper, mailing costs high (remember the market is worldwide) such. Offering an electronic version would be ideal eliminating these costs, instead presenting a different set of issues.

If you want any more info/opinions from a UK publisher’s viewpoint, pm me



On One Wheel does not currently have a good base of contributors. That’s one of the problems it has been facing for the past eighteen months. Volume 28 Number 1 was published in July / August 2004. Volume 28 Number 2 is still being assembled.

For those of you who are not aware, On One Wheel is supposed to be a quarterly newsletter / magazine. It is published by the Unicycling Society of America. There are no subscriptions; On One Wheel is distributed to all members in good standing of the USA.

On One Wheel is currently budgeted at 16 pages per issue. Printing is black and white (the cost of four color printing is still too prohibitive) on heavy, glossy paper. Binding is magazine style, center staples.

Layout has been done in the past using Adobe Pagemaker. Layout for Volume 28 Number 2 is going to be done using Adobe’s InDesign (the replacement for Pagemaker). Photographs have been processed into grayscale in the past using Adobe Photoshop; the current issue will be switching to use Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Distribution is by bulk mail in the United States (1st class postage is offered to members for an optional fee), via 1st class mail in Canada and via airmail elsewhere in the world. Bulk mail is supposed to be delivered within two weeks of receipt at the Post Office of origin, but that seems to be a fantasy. Typical delivery times range from three to five weeks.

I have complete breakdowns of production and distribution costs. If anybody is interested in a copy, please contact me via e-mail at: tadaniels AT usa DOT net.

On One Wheel has no full-time or part-time paid staff. All it currently has is a volunteer editor. The editor is elected annually by the USA membership; he or she also serves as a voting member of the USA’s Board of Directors.

Tom Daniels
Former President
Unicycling Society of America, Inc.