yes, I think it’s mainly a muni thing, for rough steep downhills. It isn’t like you get your braking finger jolted around much while descending on a coker.


actually the equivalent of $24 over here. I got one from roger’s bag and am loving it, despite the fact it cracked slightly during installation. It feels like my finger is much less likely to slip off the lever and cause me to bail when i have the spooner on.

Excellent! I didn’t realize that linguistic history (or even just wordplay jargon) was among your many talents, Kevin!

Ideally, this should either come standard on all KH MUnis when the brake is purchased, or a new lever made that has this shape already molded in, making it unnecessary for the added piece.:slight_smile: Purpose built, like the Muni itslef! :slight_smile:

I think that UDC is considering including a Spooner as part of the package when people purchase a brake.

If the price wasn’t as much of a barrier, I’d love to just spec a brake as standard on all the KH unis that take one. Hopefully that will become possible in the next couple of years.


I wonder how much trouble/time/cost would go in to making “MUni-specific” lever with a “splayed” out end in the shape of the spooner? But yeah, I think you design rocks! Simple, yet effective.:slight_smile:

Making a uni-specific lever was definitely considered. It has taken an amazingly long time to come out with this thing. I experimented with all kinds of different configurations for about the last 5 years, but nothing was good enough to produce.

A CNC machined lever in the very 3-D shape we’d require would be unnecessarily expensive and I decided that forging the entire lever wouldn’t offer enough advantage to justify the cost either. In the end, Scott Wallis finally figured out a spoon-like shape that I really liked with a couple of minor changes, and he also figured out an internal shape that could clamp to both old and new Magura levers (not easy!). So I purchased the design from Scott and invested in the injection mold to mass-produce it. He was the inspiration for this one.


Sounds like another well thought out and researched plan of action. I guess the “add-on” concept is the most cost effective and practical. Well done! I did see one lever that was actually either bent in an “L” shape at the end or molded that way to give the fingers something more stable to grip.

I’m glad someone got it. It’s really less a talent and more the result of my inability to look anything up on wikipedia without following every link that tickles my fancy in the moment.

At least at the US UDC, the Spooner is now included with the purchase of a Magura brake.

I noticed the other day while I was thinking about getting a brake for my KH24. I keep changing my mind. I think I usually want a brake on days when I’m not feeling it and feel little need for a brake when I’m on, at least on the trails around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I received my 2 Spooners in the mail a couple days ago, and got around to installing them yesterday. Now, I’m not sure what the “old” and “new” versions of the HS33 lever are, but the fit was perfect and simple on one (a new-ish one, although it was the kind with the TPC that’s a little star-shaped knob external to the lever, not built into it), and fairly difficult and imperfect on the other–one in the style of the old Tomac Raceline maggies. On that lever, I had to sort of shove the Spooner on with one of the screws still partially screwed in, and then was able to get the other three started. I didn’t really crank down on them, but they all did screw down eventually, with a little bit of a gap at the front of the Spooner that I let be for fear tightening it further would end badly. Anyway, even though I think it was a lever not designed for use with the Spooner, I got it to fit acceptably. Now I just need to find time to get on the trail and give it a good test. They sure felt nice just in my driveway test-drives.