Spools for Trials?

Can anyone please tell me where I can find some of those big spools they use at all the trials meets and competitions? They seem really helpful for learning things and fun too.

Try speaking to the maintenance / construction departments of your local utility companies: Electric, telephone and cable television. They all receive cable on spools. The electric company will probably have the largest spools.

Go easy - just buy one at first. You don’t want to fall between two spools… :smiley:

Thanks. Do you think those electrical people would have any old spares or would I have to buy one from them? If I had to but one from them, would they sell it to me?

Radix malorum est cupiditas. Of course they’ll sell you one. If you don’t give them money for it, they’ll throw it away instead. It’s called the free market. :roll_eyes:

i got a few from a hardware store (home depot, Rona, ect.)
you just have to go as often as possible and ask if they have any every time your there
if you have a nice hardware store, they might set a few a aside for you
at the construction place, if your nice and bring your uni (and are lucky enough to find someone in a good mood they’ll probably just give you one (maybe entertainment might be payment) you could tell them what your using it for, they’ll probably co-operate

hope that helps