Does anyone know how I can get sponsored? I can uni-spin, stay in place, one foot, 180, 360,stay in place with 1 foot, backwards, hop,jump up 20 inches+

Send in a video to 661. If you do all those things on camera they’ll probably sponsor you.

BTW, the sponsorship only gets you 40% discounts on their gear or something. About 5 people at your skill level are already sponsored by 661 :stuck_out_tongue:

661 is what you’re looking for, if you can call it a sponsorship.

If I were you I would take your time to make a really nice, professional looking video.

Do you think I could get sponsored by nimbus?

Because Im pretty small and I need a 16 inch uni. I can also grind and do some pretty sketchy trials riding.

Nimbus unicycles are unicycle.coms own brand so being sponsored by nimbus would pretty much be being sponored by UDC and you will need to get alot better before you get sponsored by them. At least I like to think you need to be :wink: ,no effence

Holy crap!!! I learned unispins with your vid!!! Hey man, thanks for the info. really appreciate it.

Haha. No problem, glad it helped, thats what I made it for.

I got frustrated when I was learning them because no one seemed to be able to tell me what I wanted. I said when asking that I would make a tutorial once I could land them, and so thats what I did.

Sponsorship is not just about being a good rider, but portraying a professional attitude, apearance, and supporting, buying and PROMOTING their products! Sponsors are companies, and companies are in business to MAKE MONEY!

So you can be the greatest rider in the world, but if you do little or nothing to promote their product, or be seen as much as possible by their target audience, you won’t last very long.

On the other hand, if you Get them free, positive
publicity in print and TV, and they’ll hold on to you like gold! That’s a “win win” senario where both you and the sponsor get what they want! :slight_smile:

Yea you dont have to be the best rider in the world but it certainly helps. Obviously it is going to make the company look better if someone is doing some insane trick whilst wearing there product. Also if someone has been riding for a long time, frequently and they have spent alot of money on it they are more likly to keep at it, promoting there products for longer.

Also, the average person is already pretty impressed by ANY type of extreme uni riding, whether it be MUni, trial, street, etc. And it is the average person they are targeting to buy their stuff, since there are MILLIONS more average ppl than there are elite athletes with top notch skills.

And then there’s the older demographic which is less likely to be either intimidated or think they could never ride like that in a million years. And of course, the older demographic SPENDS MONEY!

And they are more likely to do so if they see a rider-who is very good and competant-but also gives them the feeling that it’s at least possible to achieve some of the riding skills they see. Again, the real bottom line is that the sponsor wants you to help them successfully promote and SELL their products. It’s all about MONEY to the sponsor.

yeah. I dont only want to promote a company, of course I would, but I also want to promote UNICYCLING as a whole! I have been asked to be in the newspaper, and I wanted to wait so I could promote

Well, if 661 is your sponsor, simply wearing their gear, and getting publicity showing you with it on is all the promotion I’m talking about. Ride as usual. Lol, I’m not talking about getting on TV or a newspaper and talking about the sponsor. Actions speak volumes. Just do some kick-ass riding while wearing their stuff. that’s it.

haha thnx unigeezer!!! I think I might try and just get way better. the sixsixone pads are too big, so I got kris holm ones. I think Im gonna wait till I own and then go for a sponsorship. All of the tricks I listed I have learned in 3 months. I can wheelwalk and stuff too. I like my nimbus, so Im gonna work on my crankflips, varial, and tre’s. Ohhh yeah, unI-geezer, love your vids!!!

Well that’s really impressive skills for just three months! Keep at it and make some videos! :smiley:

Sorry, i dont mean to be a stooge, and no, its not because i am not good enough to get sponsored…
But, all these sponsorship threads are really starting to irritate me,and for those of you who will say ‘dont read them then’ i DONT… its the thread titles that pop up everywhere that are pissing me off too.
I mean really, if you think your good enough to get sponsored and you feel the need to post something about it on here BRING BACK A RECENTLY USED THREAD OR AN OLD THREAD, there is no need to post another new thread and clog up the forums even more.
My whinge for the day.

More enough agree with you totaly. I only posted because I was bored.

Sorry for the threadjack…

It seems that everyone is getting sponsored or trying to get sponsored. And its mainly the newby people that arnt even that great. What do you actualy get out of it? when you buy pads like every year or two you save £10, WOW. Im fine with some of the beter riders in the sport getting sponsored, they have earned it and deserve something to help them keep it up. Most of the people asking for sponsorship seem to have only been riding for a few months. Most of the sponsorship vids I have seen I havnt even been able to watch all the way through because they are normaly rushed, badly made and of poor riding ability. If it was a BMX video aposed to a unicycle video I think most of you would get laughed at, its only because unicyclings a bit different and not everyone has seen it before.

I know alot of people say why not, it helps promote the sport. But does it? I doubt they are going to ride more than they did just because they are sponsored. Probably makes no difference.

This was not aimed at anyone in perticular, I just think all these newbs getting sponsored is pretty stupid, almost degrades everyone elses, well earned sponsorships.

Thanks for backing me up, i was expecting to get crapped on for my post.
I agree with your points too.
Glad to know i’m not the only one that feels this way.
Thanks sparky:)

well now everything is clear to me and I have made some friends on here


About this whole sponsor thing, I decided I shouldnt worry about it and If I get good, It’ll just come to me. I have no reason to get sponsored. Anyway, I unicycle all day every day and I have a bunch of fun with it, so thats gonna be my main goal. Have fun. If I am amazingly good someday, Ill get a KHu sponsorship, but right now, that doesnt matter for me, I mean, Isnt unicycling just fun the way It ids now?? Now that I think about it, I AM a newbie at it, and I am still learning many tricks. Sorry about this sponsorship thread. But still, most of us on here are unicyclers, and there really arent many, so we shouldnt become foes.(that last line makes me laugh)

My views:

I am of course in the same boat. I am getting tired of seeing these sponsorship threads come up and up and up… Simply using the search feature would bring up tons of sponsorship related threads and with a little reading the typical person wold realize starting a new thread is pointless. All the questions have been answered. Tons of people have given tons of time to writing things like, how, why, who, when, why not, to get sponsored… If for some crazy reason they are not happy with the pages and pages of info, they could add a question to an already existing thread, making it an even greater resource for inquiring riders.

With that said, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to get sponsored. Tho they should step back and think about why they feel they should be sponsored. I think it has a lot to do with the emotions and sense of reward you get from learning to unicycle and learning new tricks… When you learns to ride a uni, and the same goes for learning new trick on that uni, there is this natural high you get from the overwhelming sense accomplishment. This feeling may be so powerful that someone feels they have earned the right to recognition and should be rewarded.

It is important to remember that all of us here feel that same “High” we all get that same rush, that is why we are here. Its why we keep doing it and pushing ourselves. Unicycling itself need be the only reward you get, there is still more light at the end of the tunnel.

There are riders that deserve to be sponsored, some are and some aren’t. Should this change the way they ride… I think not. I don’t think being sponsored should force the rider to have a more professional appearance, nor do I think riders should change themselves to get a sponsor. You have to ride for yourself the way you want to, and if that image is something that can sell a product, then do just that help sell products.

At this point in the unicycling industry, sponsorships really are not gonna help the rider a ton. Yes they will help with parts and sense of importance… as well as often well deserved recognition. However there is no BIG TIME. Its not like other sports where sponsorship will pay your bills, fly you around the world, put in mass selling DVDs or get you into the x-games.

If hitting the big time is your goal then as our industry grows it is as much the non-sponsored riders as well as the sponsored ones job to perform to the best of your ability with good spirits and creative marketing ideas whenever you can… Being sponsored will not really help this too much at this point in our sports growth.

Don’t get me wrong. I was amped to try and get hooked up with sponsors as soon as I could unispin and jump a few stairs. I had only turned 3 or so people onto the sport and had big dreams in my head. Where I was coming from was a much different angle. From the beginning I have been pushing the limits of what I can do with video, getting better equipment, traveling to more spots, spending countless hours reviewing footage. For me, this is my angle. Film is what I want to be doing, it is where I want to be in this sport… and I will keep pushing it with or without help from others.

My point is just being able to ride isn’t all are sport needs in our sponsored riders as well as those who want to promote what we are doing. We need creative minds. We need fancy ways to show off that “high” we get and that anyone can share it with us. With a little practice and a lot of heart we all learn that anything is possible.

Thanks, if you actually took the time to read this.
-Sam Haber

P.S. mini-uni- You have the right idea now. Now go have some fun.