Good job Shaun. Very useful and relevant post if you ask me. A lot of the new riders have dreams of getting sponsored. Don’t freak out at them for asking, it might push away the next Dan Heaton before they even get a chance to show everyone. I think an important thing for me was to get to know other unicyclists and to get my name out there as a decent person. Also doing well in competitions can help too. It hasn’t been a huge factor so far, but I think it will start to be a great way to get exposure when no one has heard of you.

Most of all, just ride hard and ride however you want and hope that others like it.

Kevin McMullin

shaun pretty much nailed all the important parts, but adding to what shaun was saying about advertising that you’re helping somebody, if something breaks on your uni, tell the forums all about it and how it’s so expensive to keep fixing up your uni. then a sponsor would see how “hardcore” your riding is and might sponsor you to show how tough their products are.

im not sponsored, that doesn’t work

maybe you should broaden your scope of possible sponsers. send some stuff to like red bull or something. IMHO big street is probably the most exciting thing to watch to a non unicyclist.

i can glide crank flip, unispin, wheel walk, one foot wheel walk, stand up glide, and jump a seven set am i good enough to be sponsored

all you have left to learn is to use the search function…and then you may just be good enough to pick up a sponsor or two :slight_smile:

more honestly, its less about how good you are and more about the type and amount of attention you bring to the company that sponsors you. They do this to raise sales, not to give you free stuff.

someone said it earlier… if you have to ask you are not good enough. you could probably get your local BS to sponsor you but anyone like KH or Koxx yo;u would not be good enough.

steven says he will sponsor you if you can fakey trey flip a 9.

dont get in her face, shes a pretty good rider, well depending on what unicycle like people have said try out for them, unless its a KH, which I think it is in your case…So it may be harder, but make a video with your best stuff, and as shaun said make a lot of video’s like Luke C. He made a video a week it seemed, got a ton of reconition so Kris Holm wanted to sponsor him, so show off your best riding, send it to the company, I’d suggest getting their email, then talk to them personally and try to build up a relationship, I personally love these sponsorship threads and reading about what people have to say about being sponsored, girls riding street isnt as developed as the guys because most girls do freestyle. I know you can crankflip i dont know if you can do anything else, but I dont see why you couldnt get a sponsorhship from a company, the key is what company. Hope it helps. Sorry about being all over the place in the post…:slight_smile:

Right, and wrong. I did make this account 1 month ago, but i had an other account w/ 100 posts or so made 3-6 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue: