Hi, I’m twelve years old and I’m hoping to get sponsored by a bike shop in my area, they told me to send in a video. I was just wondering What tricks&stuff you guys would think would look really good on a sponsorship video. I learn really quick and can already do several skills, so feel free to reply with something that you think might be really hard for a 12 year old kid.

And how many of you are (or are trying to be) sponsored for unicycling? (just curious)

Yeah getting sponsored would be nice, dont think i’ll actually try though. I say just do the flashest tricks you can, lots of hops and drops and stuff.

Throw in every thing you got. What type of rider are you? Play your strengths.


i also would like to be sponsored. i might try this summer. i am about level 6 freestyle, avid trials unicyclist, and MUni when i can. learn uni spin, its pretty flashy. ride down big stair sets which is easy, but dont tell them that! drops into mulch or grass are easy to land so you might be able to go as high as say 4 feet? (i dont know how big you drop) riding 180’s 180’s off things…pretty much put a 180 in with any trick and it looks cool. if you can 360 a drop its awesome. (i can’t) happy ridin’

well i’ve got a trials uni but i like to hit up whatever.

yeah i think learning the uni spin would be a great idea, thanks, I’ll try to learn it tomorrow.lol

rightnow My best footage is me doing one of those pickup mounts where you jump onto the peddles,lean down and pickup the seat. I also am riding a nice sized rail in one part.

anyway thanks, keep the suggestions flowing!

How long have you been unicycling? You sound pretty good.

I have been unicycling for almost a year. I do consider myself a decent unicyclist. When I finish my video I will put it up in the gallery.

Thanks you guys, keep the suggestions flowing as always.

Are you mainly in to freestyle? trials? or street or muni or something? Sounds like you like freestyle most. If you like something else though tell us what you can do in that? For example trials.

hello. cant wait to see your video dude. mines at http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus80 if you want to check it out. the first video was my original sponsor video. Its changed a lot since then. It might not work out the first time, but just let it go, and keep trying. eventually somethings might pop up. i actually just got a hook up with George Barnes and GB4 manufacturing, so thats awesome. god luck with it man, and keep riding hard.

see ya,

I’ve already seen your video kevin, It’s awesome! I’m not that good yet but i’m also only 12.