Tomorrow I am going to a local bike shop to test out the Summit that they have in stock. I know the bikeshop sponsors a couple bmx type riders, and I wanted to know if anyone had any tips on how to go about getting sponsored. I’m not that good, but the guy at the bikeshop doesnt know that. I’m going to ask him if I can try and ride it holding on to a wall, acting like i dont know how to ride. Then ill ride one footed across his sidewalk, followed by a 15" Hop. :slight_smile: Im pretty sure im not good enough for someone to sponsor me but, for future reference, how do you go about it?

It seems to me that sponsoring you would only be in the bike shop’s interest if they thought you were going to cause more people to buy the unis they sold…after all, that is the point of being a sponsor. But realistically, what are the chances of someone buying a summit from this bike shop cuz they saw you riding one?

Just out of curiousity, how many sponsored unicyclists are there in the world? Im guessing its only a handful of the very elite, but i’d be curious to know.

i thought quite i few people were sponsored by little bike shops, and some by sixsixone.

Most people go for the Bike Manufacturing and Suppliers for sponsorship. I went to the Money People. I am currently sponsored by American Express and Discover. They gave me these plastic cards I can use just about anywhere unicycles are sold.:smiley: So far they have never denied me anything I wanted.

I’m sponsored by my LBS. But I was before I even took up unicycling. Now that I’ve taken up unicycling- I’m actually doing a lot more for them- quite a lot of media publicity and around unicyclists who compete against MTBkers at cycling events.

Anyway, the bike shop are probably not sponsoring you in order to sell more unicycles (how many unicylists are there anyway?), but for the publicity you get. So the best way is to build a bit of a profile first- turn up at your local MTB events on your MUni and either race or just show off a few skills. Get in touch with the local papers- an article is always a useful thing to have in your sponsorship CV.

Soon many of the Hell On Wheel members will be on the Rowlett’s Team(local bike shop). They are still working on all the details, but they might pay for registration fees. We also get a mad awesome jersey!


And not to mention…all you stuff is FREE!

Looking through old threads, I discovered that JJuggle is/was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts.

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