Sponsorship video

… i only had a little while to film

Yeah! Tenacious D ROCKS! :sunglasses:

Download link? For some reason, windows media player doesn’t run in my firefox window, and my internet explorer is running with out add-ons!

i thought i would do something a little different

i think you can right click somewhere on the page(not the video or a link) and save page as
then try to watch it
or wait for ababibble to help us out here

Try this.

I am not sure if it will work but maybe.

it worked
thanks Spencer

No problem.
It is the same URL for all the download links, you just replace the gallery ID number. So use this and insert the ID number of the vid and you have made a download link.

http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=[B]NUMBER HERE[/B]&g2_GALLERYSID=5badc975f28c3d238f1e2f528be58713

Well let me be the first to comment.

As it goes for a sponsor vid, I think you could do better. I’m not for one moment criticising your riding and that’s almost why I’m disappointed. It seems that you have one hell of a rolling hop on you and I think you could be a very decent trials rider worthy of sponsorship, but I don’t think you’ve sold yourself enough with that video.

Just my opinion though and I do think you’re a good rider for what it’s worth,


I agree with jas on this one.

You need to make a sponser video with all of your best riding in it. It needs to be shot using a good quality camera and well edited. You are trying to impress these guys remember. Maybe instead of lots of average shots of your HUGE rolling gap, you should include one really good, clear shot of it.

You are a good rider, just need to showcase yourself a bit better. Good effort though.

Rock on!

Oh, and also, if it only took you half hour to make, probably not a good idea letting your potential sponsers know that.

First things first, your rolling hop is very good. It is (just don’t get big headed) really good. If your other riding is up to the standard of your rolling hops I would say you might get sponsored, but it just isn’t. Why do you want this sponsorship? I have reasons I want to be sponsored, but I don’t think they are the correct reasons as I cannot really ‘show off’ a company.

Editing was ok (liked the ending pictures), music didn’t really fit in, but the one shot of that rolling hop when you picked up the camera was very impressive (needed slow-mo!).

My advice? Take out what isn’t as good and put in your good stuff. Slow motion rolling hops look good. I also think that putting more effort into other moves could help you in the long run.

Good luck with the sponsorship though!



A sponsorship like Renegade is not an easy thing. I have to agree with Edd and Mike

Let me ask, what do you want out of the sponsorship? How does it benefit them, how does it benefit you, honestly? It’s not all about free parts and having something to get yourself known about.

Sponsors only like to sponsor riders who are mature and good ambassadors for them and the sport, as well as being at quite a high level. I am being totally honest, not at all being ‘nasty’, but you’re going to need some cranking up before you’re ready for sponsorship level. I am not ready for sponsorship myself either, I need to improve at my trials! However, your rolling hops are impressive I give you that, they are good, and the rest of your riding should be up to that standard.

You appear to be more of a streety rider, yes? Well, that stuff isn’t terrible, but it needs work. Most sponsors are looking for street riders who can at least 360 unispin cleanly, land crankflips and variations, as well as incorporate real flow and do a whole variety of things nicely stitched together. Add more tricks and flow to your moveset, and keep up those great rolling hops! Chuck out a video that’s edited well, presented neatly, and the sponsors will have some interest, however big or small it is.


i don’t want to be sponsored for the free parts or anything … i want it for confidence yeah, but i think the whole thing is a cool deal. I would like to rep a company, but i have no reason to right now other than this. people ask me all the time where they can get a unicycle and I just say the LBS … or you can get them cheap on Ebay… if I get sponsored i will know be able to guide people better and tell them more exactly what to get and where to get it.

my rolling hop exceeds the skill level of everything else I do. I do it the most, but I really should have just waited w/ the video, I almost have 360 unispins down and I can do 1/2 flips …

thanks for the comments.
btw… i put the 30 mins thing in it (the video) so that they would know its not my best riding.

… OR, you can just tell them where to get one anyway? Without having to be sponsored?

www.unicycle.com (every unicyclist knows that)

Just two examples? I could advertise a company without needing to be sponsored by them, at the same time I can have some knowledge on the shop/company without having to be sponsored.

Hmmm… :roll_eyes:


yeah, but if you say you are sponsored by such and such it reps that company up big time… if someone comes to you and tells you to buy a BMX bike at walmart then someone comes up and is sponsored by HARO … then the Haro seems much better, and it is… but if you just tell someone to buy a haro and they are good … it seems more a matter of YOUR opinion if that makes any sense

If Renegade was sponsoring based on roling hops, you’d be in. but since they look at other stuff too, I would say like everyone else has that you need to do a bigger variety of tricks. I’m sure you can do more but I don’t think I could give an accurate critique of your riding until you show what other tricks you can do. besides, Haste makes waste.

Then why don’t you put a week into making an excelent video that showcases all your best riding and best tricks, instead of taking a back route and telling them that this is your average riding, made quickly, but leaving them clueless as to what your real potential is.

and compulsion cycles. look into them for ur unis. compulsioncycles.com
later jon

thats the time I had, im grounded from the uni until tomorrow, then I can make a better, more ample video
then I will have it to ride until christmas… when I get a Nimbus rim :slight_smile: