Sponsorship Video

Okay, so here’s a video that Munimanpete and I made to celebrate being sponsored by Unicycle.Com New Zealand.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the video, it was filmed on a digital camera, but at least the riding is good :wink:

Thanks Unicycle.Com!


Cool movie men.
And congrats for the sponsoring.

Peter M

Ha, stop freaking me out… I’m the only Peter M!

Yeah nice vid peter and joe, i’m gonna pick my riding up a bit before the summer so I can be more than just the uncoordinated camera man :stuck_out_tongue: First things first though, I need a unicycle!

cool video really enjoyed waching it!

awesome gaps/longjumps :slight_smile:

that was pretty good. u guys can jump far!

Seen it. Forrest i think posted it un another thread.

well, joe can gap 2.87m :stuck_out_tongue: which is considered to be pretty goddamn far.

good video and good gaps

nice video

can we get a download link as long as the one on the gallery isn’t working?


Yeah, I know that Muzzle posted it in the aussie boys thread. But, since we aren’t actually aussie, and this version is a lot higher quality, I thought it deserved it’s own thread.

Thanks for all the feedback guys :slight_smile:

Nah, i didnt post it some other random did. In any case yeah, this vid deserves its own thread (unlike some of the vids some people post which don’t)

some of those thing i think i wouldnt wanna try even on my own two feet.

Yeah cheers for the feedback guys, was an awesome weekend of riding :smiley:

Congrats Pete VB and Joe D- you guys do more amazing stuff every time I see you. Wish you were joining us at Unicon- we need more trials people for Team NZUNI!