Sponsorship request

I would say the band Sixx AM wins the emo contest :slight_smile:

But yeah, so much of the music i like is emo, it is sort of depressing.

The playlist i listen to goes like this:

A.F.I (emo)
The Album Leaf (more sad then emo)
Andy Mckee (awesome acoustic music)
Arctic Monkeys (Alternative?)
Blink 182 (Punk Rock)
More Blink 182 (…still punk rock)
Coldplay (again, with the exception of their new album, I think they are more sad than emo)
Ignite (Trance)
Linkin Park (emo)
Louise Attaque (French Rap)
MC Solaar (more French Rap)
Nina and the Mr. Too Cools (Jazz)
OneRepublic (I just started listening to them but they seem a little emo)
Sixx AM (very very very very very very very very emo)
Sum 41 (Metal (?))
Talking Heads (New Wave!)
Weezer (Alternative)

well, the majority is emo / sad…


lol Harcore metal is completly different.

listen to:

Agnostic Front
Sick of it all
First Blood
Heaven Shall Burn (Endzeit is a very good song)

Bullets dont fit there :wink:

Afi use to be punk… Weezer is alternative/rock. Sum41 is Punk rock. Linkin park used to be rapcore but are now just poser teeny boper rap. Coldplay is alternative. Blink182 wish they were punk, but their pop/punk.

Atleast Luke disserves his sponsorship.

No-one listened to me… lol

And bullet aren’t screamo, but there’s always big debates on genres. Why does genre matter anyway?

It dosn’t matter. Good point.

why do you not agree? What i said, is my belief. Emo is NOT punk. Punk is stuff like, green day, the clash, the ramones, pinhead gunpowder, sweet children, black flag, anything thats against being held back, or against decisions i guess. Anarchist really, but still bound with the 3 chords in guitar, being played fast, and pumped up. Emo, is people whining, and complaining about their life, being pussy completely, complaining about situations they clearly got themselves into, and saying its horrible, and no one understands them. They often times also cut themselves, or write poetry about cutting themselves.

Then. How am i promoting 661 through unicycling? Aparently you dont know what i do when i’m in town. I’m riding at public places, wearing the SH*T out of their logo. I inform people about unicycling when they ask me, i’m really nice, i’m all around the best i try to be for being sponsored. I couldnt thank them more for the sponsorship. I help friends learn a little, i get people interested in the sport. In fact, i rode for about 2 hours at a skatepark yestarday. Anyone from smaller children, to religious couple, to an out of school skater were asking questions. Then, a group of my friends attempted to unicycle for about an hour. lol. Fun day.

Tell that to Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Moss Icon.

Look up Revolution Summer on wikipedia, and read up.

This thread has been jacked!
Seriously please, I’m sure there are other threads to rant about emo music. Kevin probably keeps looking on here to see peoples opinions on his sponsorship video, only to find off-topic waffle that is nothing to do with Kevin’s video any more.

Your a pretty good rider Kevin, keep it up! Good luck with the request!

Shut up about the music.

My only comment: Kevin-mo gots the no-flow.

ie. don’t hope as much.

but hope is all he has.

ie. read before you post.

and for the record emo is not punk, emo is wanna-be off branch of punk thats why it has a different name. :astonished:

the trials was weak.
the street wasnt bad though.
and dont include falls in a sponsor ship video.
it isnt one for amusment but to show how good you are. and EVERYONE on here falls.

I don’t fall.

Don’t tell Kevin to be an emo just because of hid video! :astonished:

The trial is weak becaus im not trialing im streeting :sunglasses:

the point of a sponsorship video is to show how good you are. and you included you in an element of the sport where you are weak at.
personally it doesnt make sense to me

i have seen you fall. atleast at the last CMW. i think moab too. maybe i should have been more specific. anyone who rides unicycles will fall.

Stop fighting about what Bullet is and stop labeling people.

The video was alright but I wouldn’t use it for a sponsorship video, it was more like a fun video kinda thing, the editing wasn’t at its best either.

yeah, it is a good video for an average rider, i liked the street moves, but i would definitely support this video if you improved your trials and had multiple locations, not just what you set up to push yourself. (lol, i’m one to talk with the video i’m makin)

Nice vid… but your definately not a trials rider. stick wit the street