Sponsorship request

I have made a sponsorship request for UTV team, haven`t got answer yet but here is it

plz leave a comment here or on youtube :smiley:

Nice riding but the music kinda gave me a headache.


finally some1 used encore again :D, i didnt think it had been played enough…

half decent unicycling tho (three thumbs up)

wrong thread. fuck i hate it when that happens.

That’s basically the only emo song I like.

The riding was ok. Too many hops, in my opinion.

Who are you trying to get sponsored by?



pretty good man, just don’t hop as much.

Lol emo??? Bullet are METAL!!! GRRRRR GRAAAAAH!!!
Just the kinda thing I need in the morning.

You did the same tricks alot… But I guess consistancy is cool.

Hot. Liked it. Good luck.

Metalcore. Metal crossed with hardcore punk (emo) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll watch the vid tonight when I’m not at school.

looks good, awesome riding, liked the music

Eh? Metalcore = hardcore metal. Emocore = hardcore emo lol. Some of bullets stuff is slightly emo when you listen to the lyrics. But its not whiney and shit.

You didn’t just suggest that hardcore punk is emo did you? Eek.

Aren’t sponsorship supposed to be given to those who show great skill in a discipline(s). Your good, but not really pushing the limits. With time though, I just don’t see why everybody wants to be sponsored, it seems like ever since Luke put his out last year or whatever everybody else is.

last time i checked…

emo - “everyone hates me! My life sucks! cut cut cut ahhhhh… my life sucks… i’m gonna wear black clothes, call myself goth, and listen to music that WAS considered punk, and thus had a crowd that other people conformed well to, and force them to seem like their emo, by them just getting more profesional”

punk - “Fck the government, Were gonna rise above, were gonna rise above, I’m sick, of your abuse, gonna rise above! Fcking, Fck the man! Were gonna kick ss and take names! Fck you, Fck the government! I’ll do what i please! you cant hold me down!”

edit: to pertain, sponsorships arent specifically for the ‘AWESOME’ people. Their for whos gonna make their brand look good. Okay, lets say… theres AWESOME unicyclist, with super uncontrolable tourrets, who constantly swears, and offends people. Then theres rider thats not too good, but liek as good as me, who is nice, gets people into the sport, and get people interested. Its what YOU can do for your sponsor. Your a moving commerciol.

emo -

Punk - (RIP Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee, your missed)

A lot of new hardcore bands are considered emo, but I s’pose they’re “post-hardcore” not true hardcore punk. Anyway what isn’t considered emo these days? lol I guess we should get off the topic of music though.

lol I don’t agree with the emo or punk part of that. And how are you promoting 661 through unicycling at all? I doubt you’ve made them any money at all.

I consider them Screamo. I don’t know if you have that term in NZ, but it stands for “screaming emo”.

The parts were they don’t scream sound winy to me :wink:

But yeah, “hand of blood” is pretty much the only screamo song I like. Or “post hardcore” if you wish to call it that. I prefer real metal, not hybrid emoness/metal, the whiny voice just gets to much in the way.

Of course we have the term screamo in NZ. Not nessesarily in NZ, but its online. If you know what I mean.

But no these guys arn’t screamo… Senses Fail, Saosin, Scary Kids Scaring Kids some of Thursdays stuff. Thats Screamo.