sponsorship request

This is my sponsorship request,

Please tell me what ya think

Nice flat, street and trials! It’s cool to see that you’re good at more than just one style of riding.

Goede video man! Hoe oud ben je eigenlijk?

15 jaar, kben van 1996

I’m feeling awesome! I understand what you’re writing xD (without using Google Translate :p)

Hahahah, nice you try to translate! Almost, it means: Nice video man! But nice try. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol casper ^^ I don’t think that ‘I’m feeling awesome’ is the translation of your sentence :wink:
He just want to say that he is very happy with knowing what you wrote without using google translate ^^
snap je?:slight_smile:

Go casper!!

nice video jelle, You’re getting really good. (P.S ik denk dat je nieuwe software nodig heb :stuck_out_tongue: iedere clip begint stilstaand)


@ wouter, yes, I know, but thanks

nice vid, some nice flat combos!