Sponsorship request

I think its too late but here is it:

please comment
hope you enjoy


Awesome. You’re so good at flat

very nice!!!I love your style and some sick flat combo’s :astonished: :roll_eyes:
by who do you want to be sponsored? :stuck_out_tongue:

UTV, it stands in the begining of the video, lol :roll_eyes:

haha xD I totally forgot :stuck_out_tongue:
srr :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice flat.

Your street looks really smooth too. Catch your flips nicely.


1:08 was cool, and whole video was fun to watch!

Hey Ludwig!

Geiles vid and nice combos!

cool very cool

nice combos i loved the (super inwardvarial roll) to outsideroll and the fifth flip

wow that was really cool…okidoki:D

how long do you ride now ludwig?

wow! thats nice! :sunglasses:

unicycle.tv link:



I realy like the rolling wrap down stairs hahah, first time I see that.

hey ludwig great sponsorship request
i like the first combo and the last very much