sponsorship request

hi guys

I made this vid from footage of the last year…

yes i like grinds very much:p
Hope you guys enjoy it cause I worked very hard on it :wink:
oh, and comments are very appprecieted

enjoy watching it;)

that was awesome and that you’r not scared after bailing on those rails thats just unbeliveble :astonished: Hope you get the sponsorship :slight_smile:

thank you!
that’s because i never fall hard on the rails, it only looks so :stuck_out_tongue:

your big en teck. street improved SO much in only 4months(?) :stuck_out_tongue:
sick handrails and tricks:)
and the editing was just sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

best street rider of belgium !!
you will get your sponsor :wink:

awesome vid wim :)! let’s go to the even bigger rails :D!

Sweet video. Who are you trying to get sponsored by?


where you afraid of hitting the wall when grinding that rail where you got that blowout? I´m afraid of these cause i´m afraid of the wall.

not really actually:p i did that one first try :roll_eyes:
just do it is the only tip i can give, rails are easy:D

but scary, i just thaught of the ones attatched to walls… or close to them… :slight_smile:

Nice riding bro. Have you posted the video on unicycle.tv yet?

i’ve send the vid to olarf, I’ll post it if i’m back from my holiday;)

Siiiiiiick! You just got me back into Billy Talent, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I thought the song fit perfectly. I hate people that just put hiphop on a video just because they think all hiphop suits uni videos.

I love these kinds of vids. Even the simple tricks your threw in were fun to watch. You have some good camera men, make sure you give them props.
Personaly, I hope you get the sponsorship. Def keeping a close eye on you from now on. I wanna see you land that wavey handrail.
Also, why didn’t you grind that ledge or rail from the top insted of jumping on in the middle?

I think you should learn 360twist drops/gaps, some footplant tricks and improve your long and high jump and you’ll be a wicked street rider.

i think this vid earns more comments :).

+1, and I forgot to say… I really love the music :smiley: