sponsorship request

hello, I made a sposorship request vid…:smiley:
It isn’t to get sponsord by koxx,kris holm,bedfort unicycles…
I hope you enjoy and give a comment :wink:


awesome!!! sick for only been riding 1 year and 2 months! :astonished:

good luck sponsorship

Try get that tirehops combo hopless :stuck_out_tongue:

Some really nice trials in there though, the gap at 2:16 was very nice.

Really nice riding for so short a time.

Wow that’s good for the time you’ve been riding! Great video… what was the song though I like it!:smiley:

good luck with the sponsorship.

Wow you are getting quite good.Ive been riding for exactly a year and 3 months and the only thing i couldnt do in the video is a tyre to tyre 180 unispin.I really liked the line at 2:39

Man you guys are crazy I’ve been riding the same time as all of you, and I’m nowhere near your level. Great job on the vid, and sick intro.

The riding is very good the main song is god-awful.

+1 song ruined a otherwise great video.

thx for the comments :smiley:
and I also love rock more, but there where a lot of people who didn’t like my rock music, thats the reason that I took this song :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t please everyone. So you should just stay true to the music you like best. Insted of just caving into minorities.

That way if theres someone who likes your music and looks forward to similar music in your next vid, they won’t call you a ***** :smiley:

hahaha yeah I agree with this, people alway say that I use bad music on my videos, but I dont give a fuck :roll_eyes:

man i’ve been riding for nearly two yeah and you are way better than me

p.s. that is quite possibly the gayest song ever… thats a cover of the original sweet home alabama right??? the original is just as shit. so no one use that please…

I was amazed. That one side hop was probably 5’ across and 2’ up. Impressive. Your skills are great. I really enjoyed the fact you left some pretty good falls in it. That shows humility. The music was your choice and I didn’t see a problem with it. You can’t please everyone… especially your peers.