sponsorship request


hope everybody likes it. theres some old clips in there but some new ones also.

Awesome video, there was a lot of flow to it. I can’t really comment on the tech stuff, but the big street was rad, especially that massive stairset, I forgot to count the stairs.

Wow! That was such a great video :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed it. Loved the 720 unispin, treflip out of riding the skinny, tripleflip, and just everything…

Who are you asking for sponsorship?

Good luck! You are a very skilled rider for 15!


Who are u sponsing for?

hopefully bedford but im also gonna send it to some other companies.
thanks everyone:)

Great Job Forrest! Loved the 7spin it was so clean, and i liked the tricks of the rail. Great job on the video haha didnt expect to see it so soon. Where were those stair sets they looked sweet. Good luck on your sponsorship!

hey everbody make sure you watch the vid in high quality. i had to convert some of the clips from mov to wmv and they look terrible unless you change it. thanks.

Wow amazing vid, loved it (although the music could have been better, it doesn’t affect skill!) Good luck getting sponsored!

Why are you using uk youtube?

Awesome vid, Forrest. Good job on the 7spin and triple, your tricks are getting too fast for your camera.
I believe team spencer has an opening :wink:

ahah. thanks dude. ya i for sure need a new camera. how do i go about entering team spencer? :wink:

Well normally it’s a long, grueling process that involves an embarrassing initiation ritual but I am feeling generous so congratulations, you’re in:) We’ve got quite an awesome club now.

ahah. yes! im honored.

Haha. I had to read that one out loud to my dad :smiley:

Edit: Ah! almost forgot about the vid. Good job on it. Your camera sucks but your riding is quite good.

sick as vid man.

hahaha love ur comment about the vid
-yah some tricks are amazing, at begin is it hickflip or hickdouble?

Sweet. I’m jelous of your fifths. My style of catching them are terrible…

ahah. its a fifthflip down the two. if you think it’s a hick than i really need a new camera. :roll_eyes:

sick video! I didnt like the music too much this time though.

That video was immense. I hope you find a sponsor.

Admittedly the camera could be better.