Sponsorship request video

This is my sponsorship requestvideo for unicycle.tv
please comment

kannst du das video vielleicht bei vimeo oder myvideo oder so hochladen?

i like your style.

does anyone know why vimeo needs so long to convert the videos at the moment? :thinking:

no idea, but it seems they had a lot of problems the last days.

0:57 1:32 and 2:11 was nice varialroll-outsideroll-outsideroll 360 down 5 pallets and 450-180-90side were cool too and it was nice to see some flip tricks of you in the vid
i hope you get the sponsor ship

wow your really good.

good luck with the sponsorship


the style is crazy.
good luck

Hi nice vid your combos look so cool and…stable… How old are you cause i seen a few of the videos that you have been in and its said how old you are but they were a while ago :smiley: Also when you get sponsored dont you want to get sponsered by a place that sells products so you get discounts?

thanks for your comments

Hey Lorenz!

Awesome! Crazy style and some nice moves in there! Hope Olaf gets you for the team, so the three brothers would be in…!

Keep the nice riding up!

awesome vid! how old are you? it would be cool to have all the pohams in the UTV team.

by the way, where you live is beautiful!
good luck

i´am 11 years old

wow very cool and you are only 11 years old? incredible

thats insane dude! respect, your insoirational!

and how long are you riding?

you don’t happen to have it on youtube do you? I can’t watch vimeo on this computer:(…

Ooooooouch… knee bounce with no shin pads…

Personaly I don’t think this is good enough for sponsorship, but for your age its amazing.