Sponsorship Request Video

I did this a while ago, but kept it private because there were alot of footage for LIFE. For the record, I got the sponsorship.



P.S. If I remember right, there are not any new stuff in it.

Wow! Great sponsorship vid! Who wouldn’t sponsor you!?!?!

Like always Hugo, amazing :slight_smile:

Isaac :slight_smile:

Wow dude… Just read his post again. Jesus…
Kidding, he told me the same thing on msn
Sexy as hell 540 off the table. Way cool.

That’s sick dude, you’ve improved a lot. You’ve got all the tech and big stuff you need. I’m impressed man.


100% Skill…
You are one of my favorite riders, and you did a great job on this video. Good job on the sponsorship!

That was awesome! That 10 set was awesome! And i liked the shifty over the big (didnt count) set shortly after the 10

This song has been used several times before, and I’ve edited to it(not uni though). But don’t worry that not a complaint as I love this song!!

that was so sweet, loved the 6 set up and the fakie hoptwists! and everything else was insane as well. what sponsor dd you send the video to?

Aaaah I thought I said it in my first post, it’s Municycle.ca.

Thanks for the comments guys !

Its in your sig. Close enough.

Awesome, you don’t see many big street riders out there anymore, probably because its just about the gutsiest type of riding out there.

so what does that let you do? get parts and uni’s cheaper? :smiley: nice work!!

Awesome video, and thanks for the words, it’s annoying when I can’t work out what tricks are :stuck_out_tongue:

Really awesome big street, and some real big drops too.

That was some really cool big street! Pumped up vid man, good job!

Loved your 540’s, really good and entertaining video. Nice work! :smiley:

Very nice. I like how you land your 7spins to seat in.

sick work bro.

That was pretty rad, I like your style. You’re really quick!

Just watching this again. Not many views or comments so I think it deserves a bump incase people missed it.

Congrats Hugo…

whats the music?