Sponsorship Request - Jan Hulshagen

My sponsorship request!
Thanks to Nick C. for editing!
please comment!

PS: I have also good unused clips i hope i can post them within a week…

Awesome vid :smiley:
Your hops are pretty good and you did a lot of nice lines :roll_eyes:

Belgian got talent xD
I have to come to the next meeting…

i liked it. You had a bunch of good stuff.

No hard feelings but,

What kind of company’s are you looking for getting sponsord.
what can you offer that company
Did you already used the movie at a company trying to get sponsord?

The movie was good and hope you will get a sponsor but think about the questions i said above.

THis is the same you said about my sponsorship request… And I got the sponsor to…
He will get the sponsor :roll_eyes: or I will have a talk with Roland xD :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice riding man. I think you definately have a chance at sponsorship! Good luck!

Nice riding. I hope you get the sponsorship you’re looking for

Good riding. Hope you get the sponsorship ('Cause that means I’m good enough to get one too! (Joking :p))


Very well rounded trials skills, and good camera/editing work. Nothing really stood out exceptionally good or bad :sunglasses:

Edit: the playground was good, but in your next vid try to find some more obstacles and fewer shots of you on palates.

Nice sidehops and 7 spin.

I enjoyed watching a lot! :slight_smile:
I noticed you jump just like me - you got your left foot back and right foot infront - pedal position* (+you hold the seat with right hand)… Nice video! :wink: