Sponsorship questions

I’m gonna pay a visit down to the bike shop to ask if they’d like to sponsor me and my mediocre-BUT-IMPROVING! riding. Ok so what should I be expecting and what am I supposed to be saying to them short of the obligatory ‘See, I unicycle and people look at me and uh… they’d see your products so it’s cool beams

I found what jerrick sent me

Assuming they’re not a unicycle shop, their major market is always going to be bikes, and they’d be interested in what you can do locally.

Questions they might ask -

How will having the local village idiot on a unicycle wearing their team gear help them?

Why do you want to be sponsored?

What media coverage have you got, are you in the local paper a lot or anything like that?

What bike events have you been involved in?

What other local events have you participated in, have you done demos at local shows, ridden in parades or whatever?

How are you involved with the local riding scene, for example if you’re a muni rider do you help at trail-building days, or ride with a lot of locals?

How would you make their shop visible when you’re out riding, just having a bunch of parts you bought from there isn’t really enough, unless you’re wearing team gear or something?