send them a video of you riding…and a email telling them you like thier products and would like to represent their company, also spelling sponsor correctly might help.

Who are you trying to get sponcored by?

sponsored… i want to get sponsored by hmmmmm… KH
but my best trick is a unispin or maybe… a grind into riding on top of what I was grinding on and 360 off… im gonna try a unispin out of a grind :slight_smile:

i like the 661 idea … i need some real shiguards… and i would def tell people to get them
I also like the idea of getting my local bike shop to sponsor me
but its more of a city-wide bike shop (theres 2 or 3 … city of 300,000 or so)

how good do you have to be to get sponsored by 661 do you think?

Are you speaking from experience? Who did you contact at 661 or KH to find out this info? Just curious… cause, y’know, KH sponsored two famous rock climbers with next to zero uni experience…

KHU also sponsered Rock Climbers becuase he himslef is a rock climber. it makes sense that he would sponser them aswell. But if you can prove me wrong and get sponsered without the skills that equal or exceed one of the currently sponsered riders of one of the Unicycle companys then i would be wrong. but until then i think my opinion stands.

Snowboard sponsoring

Good for you! I just got sponsored by the Long Trail Brewery out of Vermont. They gave me this cool Nitro board.

Whatever sport you pursue the same suggestions apply. Send the potential sponsor a summary of your credentials, which competitions you’ve won, your national rankings (if applicable), how you’ve placed in national championships, photos and videos of yourself in action, etc. That’s what I did with Long Trail and it earned me a sweet $400 board. Good luck!

And yes, I promote (and consume) their products every chance I get!

hey what do i have to do once (if) i get a sponser? what do i ahve to do for them?? and do i just ask them for stuff and they will decide if they wanna?? or how does the sponsership think work?? thanks… think i could get a sponser to get me some new shoes or seat post?

i am probably going to fill out the sponsorship forum for sixsixone within the next few weeks. i have a few questions first. one is do i sign up as a bicyclist. two is what do i put down for my brand year and model because i ride more then one uni.

i am guessing you sign up as a unicyclist… where did u find the form for sponsorship.??

I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with 661 about sponserhip, and he said to select the bicycling\cycling sponser, cause they call anything with wheels and pedals, a cycle.

ok. i will do that. the form is on there website

ok so once you they say they will sponcer you, then what??

Getting sponsored to me is like the price of expensive jewelery, if you ask that means you can’t afford it… If you wonder how to get sponsored you’re not good enough to get sponsored. :wink:

ok, i put in the sponsorship application for sixsixone :slight_smile: thanks ppl :slight_smile:

i tried sixsixone andthey didnt take me. but i dont really need a sponsor anyway…cries


Awwww, there there Jonny.


When I was talking with them, they said to go to sponsorhouse.com cause they get a lot of sponsors that way, and you can get a lot more from them.

Just wait Jonny, your time will come.

I am sponsored by Qu-Ax… he did say something about not wanting to expand any more in the US or something like that.

I have a package from them, with a shirt, new seatpost for the one I broke, stickers, I don’t know what else, but it’s been at the post office since friday, and they won’t open untill tuesday. Ohh woe is me.

i got sponsored(sorta) by sixsixone :slight_smile: … i get 40% off whatever I want from them … i guess its kinda being sponsored :wink: