how do you get sponsored… how good do you have to be

and who sponsors you guys that are sponsored

As for how good do you have to be it really depends who you want to get sponcored by. 661 is a really easy one to get, they pretty much sponcor anyone who asks. For uni companies you need to be a lot better though.
I think getting sponcored just to say you are sponcored is pretty stupid.

i tried to get sponsored. i tried everymain company. qu-ax seemed interested, but they said they already had enough riders for sponsoring. same with gb4. qu-ax MAY send me a t-shirt though, thats kinda cool. and i dont know how good you have to be to get sponsored…probably not like great, just make a really appealing video…im making liek a 10 minute one now but i still dont think ill get sponsored.

You need to show alot of skills that impress people. if its a non uni company(661 as Spencer said) It shouldnt be to hard. But if you want KHU or Bedford or Syko to sponser you, you would have to match or exceed the skills of the currect sponsered riders.

i almost got sponsered by kris hole beacsue my dads friend in swisszerland is florians brother owner of schlumf unis but i decided it wasnt the kind of riding i wanted to do and didnt apply

Kris Hole??? Im sure he would appreciate that so much…The spell check is there for a reason lol.

An dhow does you knowing Florian put you in Kris’ good graces?? Please explain…

not kris holm kris florian cause my dad was such a good friend of the family that my dad said he ould probably le me advertise in the us if i asked him but i decided not to sorry for the typing error i type by banging my fave on the keeboard

I thought you said before taht you were sponsered by Shlumph and had a Geard Coker…

i was joking u know like funny,… sarcasm…hah_hah_hah

i wanna get sponcered… does this mean i get free stuff???

How do i get a sponcer from 661 or something like that??? that would we sooo sick.

It didnt seem like you were joking…

I am getting sixsixone, my lbs,and maybe a few other for starters. I also made a topic on this a while back but i don’t want to serch for it or i would post it.

I have ridden for fair-trade a couple of times. They gave me a free t-shirt, coffee and chocolate! havn’t done anything for them for ages though.

Rock on!

someone from my lbs asked me if i was interested in a sponsorship. I would get a new non splined trials uni for $140. I would also get discounts in the shop along with free labour. I didn’t take the offer because I kind of want a splined trials uni

lbs? like pounds? whats that.

Local Bike Shop :slight_smile:

I am sponsored by qu ax, i am clearly not a great rider, but its good to have a couple of things you can mention that are official, for me it was highest official level in uk and british freestyle champion 2003 (glad i won it this year, it was getting a very out of date brag lol)

So i think it is partly that and also, you have to be a benefit to the sponsor i think or i certainly feel like i want to be to justify my sponsorship, for example i perform all over the country with my dad so now i where a qu ax t shirt and give out there catalogues and such, so i feel like i am actually helping them out in return, i agree with spence that you shouldn’t get sponsored just for the sake of it, although to be honest that was probably what I did plus i had broke my freestyle and onza was on its way out, but what would be your other reason for getting sponsored

well that is my long opinion on the subject distracting me from revision for 2 gcse exams tommorow thanks alot! lol


usually u tell by tone of voice but u cant hera me so…

like lucas1wheel said, being sponsored isnt just about the free stuff.

companys sponsor you so that you promote their products.

for snowboarding i am sponsored by Zardoz not wax(if you ski or snowboard you should really check it out, its good stuff) And i am flowed by Vans boots and agency bindings(before they quit making bindings that is)

anyways, i try to promote them as much as i can.

its only fair, they hook me up with free stuff. so i tell people that they should ride it, and then when people see me riding and see me throw down some sick tricks, they can see my jacket with my zardoz and vans patches on it they might remember me when they go to buy new boots or wax

so do i just e-mail them with a video asking if they can sponcer me and wait for an answer??? do you think i have good enough skills for a sponcer?? (Check out my movies in my gallery if u havnet seen them)